May 21, 2015: This from author Bryan Fischer of The Sons of Liberty web site: Ginsburg Tips Her Hand – The Fix is in on Sodomy-Based “Marriage.” (Read it all HERE). Over the weekend, Ginsburg presided over a homosexual marriage… the same issue that she, as a member of the Supreme Court, is expected to rule in her capacity of a Supreme Court Justice. The ruling is expected by the end of next month. But it is obvious that “the fix is in,” at least with respect to this run-away activist “jurist.”

We at the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, combined with Pass the Salt Ministries and The Salt and Light Brigade have absolutely no intention on being passive victims of this sort of judicial activism – this perversion of the U.S. Constitution and most importantly, the laws of God Almighty.

Ginsburg’s actions are in direct opposition to her oath and position as a Supreme Court Justice. More importantly, they are an abomination before God.

Stay Tuned – meanwhile, visit The Salt and Light Brigade and get in the game. Please do it today! – Doug Hagmann



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Douglas J. Hagmann
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