NBCSUITFolks, it’s time to face the realization that we need to be prepared for what’s to come. DO NOT WAIT until it’s too late – order your NATO/Military Grade NBC suit from our partners in our radio enterprise – AMERICAN SURVIVAL WHOLESALE – DO IT TODAY.

NBC Suit is worn in conjunction with a respirator, gloves and overboots, and gives protection against all known chemical warfare (CW) agents. The life of the suit in operations depends on the level of attack. Unlike most Tyvek Suits In most situations it can be worn for up to a month and still offer protection to the wearer. Under extreme conditions of multiple attack it may be necessary to change the suit after 24 hours.

It is intended that the protective suit should be worn over normal  clothing. The constituent materials have, therefore, been selected to impose minimum physiological stress, which is obviously a potential hazard in any closed system.

In addition to providing protection against toxic agents in both liquid and vapor form, the suit is also self-decontaminating by encouraging rapid evaporation. Furthermore, by virtue of its flame retardancy, it offers a high level of protection not only against conventional fire, but also against the thermal pulse resulting from a nuclear burst.


As heard on The Hagmann Report