By Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Contributor, The Hagmann Report


The views expressed herein are solely the views of Sgt Tim and do not reflect the views of Doug Hagmann, Joe Hagmann, or the Hagmann Report. 

There is power in words. The ancients knew it…anyone that has studied any of the various occult systems knows that many of their teachings centers around not just the incantation of words popularized in cartoons and TV, but in the writing of words, especially on objects such as stone that would stand the test of time. In the Norse system of magic, the power was achieved through the writing of words in runes and the drawing of elaborate symbols that channeled the energy from the spirit world into the physical world. In some systems of Qabbalah, each letter has power and the arrangement of those letters draws the power into the medium on which the letters are written.

In addition, the spoken word has power, as I referenced above, not just through incantation, but names have power. The ancients believed that many of the demons and devils, and even the deities (which in my belief, they were one and the same) they worshipped, had names that they were to be called by and then they had “true” names and the knowledge of the “true” name would give you power over that entity. Because I know that words have power, this is why you will never hear or see me write the name of the enemy of our Lord, and our enemy, because to do so draws his attention to you. And yes, I know that we have been given the power to tread over our enemies, but just because I can call in an airstrike and drop a 500lb bomb on the heads of my enemies doesn’t mean I am going to broadcast on his channels, to use military logic. Because there is power in words.

(I just want to point out that I studied the occult in a time when I was lost and searching, but having found my Savior, I do not any longer. There is wisdom to be seen there, but it is a dangerous road and that wisdom can be found in the Lord without harming your soul.)

This morning, as a gunman opened fire on members of the Republican party as they practiced for an annual baseball game against the Democrats, we saw the power of words brought into the flesh in the physical world. And it goes far beyond what most people are talking about with the hate and vitriol being spouted by some leadership of the left. The words used are at the heart of a system of programming that has been running since at least 1991 and has been quite effective in the run-up to almost every war we have gotten into since that time.

As the United States prepared for the first Gulf War, powerful images and correlations were drawn between Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler. They would do rerun those comparisons when the US would go back into Iraq. They were used against Slobodan Milosevic as NATO prepared action in the Balkans. And so it has gone on…with each new national villain, there are comparisons between that villain and Adolf Hitler. And it has not just been in the United States, but it has been throughout the world, because of the widespread destruction caused by World War II and its imprint on us from early ages, it has been wildly successful for globalist interests to paint an enemy as Hitler or even the Axis Powers (Axis of Evil, anyone?) in order to demonize them.

And so, we have the election this past November, in which the globalist powers’ candidate lost. They have been working behind the scenes for the past few years under the guise of “progressivism” to push the political “Overton window” ever further towards the ridiculous to alienate the majority of the people of this country, and they have worked to steadily pick at that division. They have control over the major news networks, and they have used them to push this polarization, this Balkanization, of our country.

In truth, the globalist ideology is a communist / socialist ideology, born out of social justice and equality across the world stage. At the heart of all of this globalization and globalist policy is the bringing up of the poorest countries, which in theory sounds great, just as the communist and socialist policy of equality sounds great. However, in a world of a finite amount of resources economic, diplomatic, and military power is a zero-sum game and in order for those countries to rise, those at the top must come down until they meet somewhere in the middle. It is really a rather simple economic principle, but those that are weak minded fail to grasp this concept. And it is the weak minded that are the most influenced by words and programming. Vladimir Lenin, himself, called these people “useful idiots”.

With the election of Donald Trump, these leftist, socialist, communist, globalist puppets have beat a certain war drum calling him, his cabinet, anyone associated with him, and the Republican party – fascists and Trump, himself – Hitler. And then came what my brother in Christ, Jon Robberson calls “Optical Dissonance” and the visuals. From the play that has been in the news recently with the assassination of Trump, the beheading of Trump by Kathy Griffin, the shooting of Trump by Snoop Dogg, and the list goes on.

If the man that has been named as the suspect in the shooting is indeed the person responsible, then we see how this programming has its effect on the weak minded. Because this man was a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement and devotee to one Bernie Sanders, a devout socialist himself, who has recently been in the news for berating a Trump appointee for his Christian faith. I have said it before, and I will repeat it many times – communism / socialism is antithetical to Christianity and liberty. And so if this is the man responsible, we have our weak minded useful idiot that has been twisted by the power of these words and visualizations that puts the narrative into physical action.

My fear, is that with the amount of power that has been spilled out through words, visuals, and, yes, through rituals, that this is far from the end. With the amount of money coming in from these globalist Luciferians that are bent on destroying this nation that was born on a covenant with the Lord, that plans have already been put in motion. I have seen reports in the alternative media that soon the Antifa groups will begin to stage events that will make the Trumpers look guilty of pulling off incidents (My own advice is to not attend any of these Pro-Trump rallies – what are they having them for? He was already elected! Someone should look into the organizers behind these!). They are going to stage more events and the media is going to go full tilt into all of these allegations against the administration to continue pouring fuel on the fire.

It is entirely possible that the BLM riot events were merely rehearsals for something coming far bigger. They gained valuable intel into how people react and how the police react. These events will spill over, because they have worked for so many years on the division in this country, and the people are tired of these events. And that will be the catalyst they are looking for.

It is likely to be a long, hot summer, brothers and sisters. Ensure you have your house in order and plans in place for you and your loved ones should this come to pass. It would be a very fine line between civil disturbance and civil war.

God bless each of you, and may He lay His hand on this country to see that we, the people, have the time to unite and repair our broken republic.

As heard on The Hagmann Report