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Monday February 13, 2017

Where to begin?  The news cycles continue to pile up more and more madness and Team Hagmann is right there, front and center, with the pioneer friend of the program, Q-Cast host, prolific writer, founder and Senior Editor of, Mr Steve Quayle.  Steve is the author of over a dozen books that cover the inner machinations of the New World Order from A to Z and the satanic agenda driving it.
Steve’s recent publication, Empire Beneath the Ice, attracted the attention of Greg Hunter, host of USA Watchdog.  Greg hosted Steve on USA Watchdog and you can find that smash interview here.  Steve will spend hour one, beginning at 7:00pm EST with Doug and Joe.

Promptly at 8:00pm EST, please welcome debut guest, independent investigator and one of the brightest minds in the patriot community, Sofia Smallstrom to the Hagmann Report mic.  Many of you will recognize Sofia as a regular guest on the Richie Allen Show or from her outstanding documentaries on the 9/11/01 cover-up and the false flag failure at Sandy Hook.


Tuesday February 14, 2017

Join us at 7:00pm for a full hour of news, commentary and analysis, live from the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Studio in Northwest Pennsylvania.

In hour two, at precisely 8:00pm EST, Doug and Joe welcome debut guest, Rashad Gibson. Rashad is a former member of the United States Air Force, deployed with the US Army First Air Cavalry (combat deployment) to Pakistan.

Mr Gibson is a deliverance minister and his wife is a surgeon at Yale.  He has served as an interim pastor in New Jersey, ministers to juvenile delinquents and conducts a thriving online weekly Bible study.  Rashad intends to speak on demonology and the demonic oppression and possession that we see in the streets today.  Rashad Gibson published a phenomenal book that he will tell us about titled The Deception of Eloquence.

In hour three we welcome Stan Deyo for another installment of Tuesdays With Stan.  As I write this, Drudge is alight with redlined developing stories on the Oroville Dam in North-Central California.  Yolo and Butte Counties are under mandatory evacuation.

By 9:00pm EST on Tuesday we will either share a collective sigh of relief with Stan, or we will benefit from his analysis of what went wrong.  The Sacramento Valley is potentially in great peril as of 10:15pm PST, Sunday February 12, 2017.  By the way, regardless of where you live, you eat produce grown right in the danger zone.



Wednesday February 15, 2017

Doug and Joe will punch through the news cycle with classic Hagmann commentary and analysis from 7:00pm EST through 7:30pm EST.

Promptly at 7:30pm EST, due to very high demand from our listeners, viewers and friends around the world, please welcome debut mega-guest, YouTube investigator with razor sharp teeth for the truth, Mr George Webb.

George Webb’s recent investigative expose is titled Dyncorp Harvest: Killing Is Good Business.

George will spend :90 with the Hagmanns.  If his research and precision presentation doesn’t send the sting of a thousand scorpions down your spine, you are not paying attention.  George has done a lot of clawing into alleged child sex trafficking and it goes far beyond “pizzagate”.  Sadly, alongside Mr Webb’s investigative research, so will we.


And in the third hour, starting at 9:00pm EST, Praise God we are joined by Pastor David Lankford, host of The Voice of Evangelism.  Pastor Lankford will touch briefly on a new feature that we are introducing on the last Wednesday of each month throughout 2017: Questions and Answers With Pastor Lankford.  Q&A this month is scheduled for Wednesday February 22, 2017 and we will provide the details tonight.


Thursday February 16, 2017

Tonight at 7:00pm EST,  join Doug and Joe live in studio for news and commentary followed at 7:30pm EST by a new segment that we are taking for a test drive.

The Hagmann Report Difference Maker Line.  Many of you are all blessed to know someone, or a group, who quietly go about the Lord’s business, unnoticed, in service to the King.  From time to time, we want to acknowledge our viewers and listeners who step it up and stand fearlessly on the front line of the spiritual war that rages around us.

7:30pm EST, please welcome 23 year old Christ-Warrior, Sam Johnston and his father Thomas.  This father/son ministerial team head up the website R1920 and are having a profound impact in their region of Michigan, as they utilize cyber tech to spread the gospel.  Sam is on fire for Jesus and he demonstrates the strength that is present and must be developed in the younger set.


Hang with us.  At 8:00pm EST we welcome one of the top requested return guests to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Mr Anthony Patch.  Anthony Patch advised me that he has brand new information regarding his relentless and ongoing investigation into CERN.  If you did not hear Anthony Patch’s last visit with us, you can do so here.



Friday February 17, 2107


TGIF, Thank God it’s Friday!  And we are taking this week out in the full power and authority to trample the enemies of the cross, starting promptly at 7:00pm EST with longtime friend of the program and great benefit to Doug’s health and well being, Doctor Ted Broer, founder and owner of Health Masters, along with his wife Sharon.

Among other topics, Dr Ted is going to discuss addiction issues.  Heroin use among high schoolers is literally at never before seen epidemic levels and parents are losing their kids to this scourge.

Dr Ted will have solutions ready to share, as well as bio-analysis of what this drug does to the brain, how addicts get started and most importantly how to combine medical and nutritional know-how with the power of The Holy Spirt to overcome the spirit of addiction.

If you missed Dr Ted Broer’s last visit with Doug and Joe Hagmann, you can simply click here and enjoy!



8:00pm EST…it’s been a while.  It’s been too long.  Old friend of the program, international  Unit Commander in Christ’s army, Brother Augusto Perez, founder and leader of The Appearance Ministries steps in to close the week out strong.


Augusto Perez ministers all over the world, with special emphasis in Latin America.  His stories of demonic manifestation, prophecy, testimony and deliverance are, in a word, unforgettable.

What better way to put the week to bed than two full hours of sparring with the supernatural, alongside Doug and Joe and special return guest, Augusto Perez?

We look forward to an outstanding week.  Join us.  We broadcast Monday through Friday from 7:00pm EST through 10:00pm EST on three live platforms.

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