Wednesday, January 22, 2020

California’s New Dystopian Laws

No additional commentary is necessary... Watch and weep.

Possible Slaughter Stopped by Armed Church Member

An armed member of the West Freeway Church of Christ located in Texas shot a gunman today, potentially saving the lives of numerous church...

Christmas in New York Tells Us a Lot About America in the 21st Century

A trip to New York City in the days right before Christmas 2019 wound up being an unexpectedly revelatory experience. Every December, the area...

I Can Open Your Garage Door or Unlock Your Door Using YOUR Smart Device

Do you think you're safe? Everyone who is trading security for convenience should watch this video. Please note that I have no connection whatsoever...

Doug Hagmann with Dave Hodges

Important show - please listen. Link:  

Virginia Budget Bill HB30 – $250K Allotted For Violators of Gun Confiscation

Item 402, paragraph Q of the 2020 Commonwealth of Virginia Budget Bill allocates $250,000 from the general fund "for the estimated net increase in...

2014 FLASHBACK: The Importance of Ukraine from an Intelligence Contact

The ongoing coup against President Donald Trump has pivoted from Russia to Ukraine, as information about events taking place inside and surrounding Ukraine, former...

Life As An Investigator Is Like a Box of Chocolates – UPDATED

Note: This article first appeared on March 21, 2013. In recent years, I've had the opportunity to meet in person with "Juan O Saven"...