Friday, August 7, 2020

We Need to ACT NOW – Not Talk, But ACT

A "must-read."

Waking up to the Red Pill | Pat Campbell | Full Keynote

"Women who control men are out there, and they're legion." - Pat Campbell This is a very important presentation to watch - given by my...

Perspective: You are in Fort McHenry…

Beautifully written & well stated. Source: The Conservative Treehouse "There is a great deal of purposefully driven anxiety and fear amid our nation as this...

A Lot of TRUTH Jammed into Six Minutes

It's interesting but not surprising that the rabid Left want to mask (muzzle) Rep. Jim Jordan at big tech's anti-trust hearing. Watch the video...

Stop The “Peaceful Protesters” Narrative – “Must Watch”

Via Savanah Hernandez - MUST WATCH - Since President Trump launched Operation Legend, an attempt to quell violence in some of America’s most dangerous...

Chinese Consulate in Houston Was ‘Massive Spy Center,’ Rubio Says

Roughly 80 percent of all economic espionage prosecutions brought by the Department of Justice (DOJ) allege criminal conduct intended to benefit the CCP. China...

Craig Sawyer on “Odd” Internet Listings

DEEP DIVE: Gov Insider REVEALS Details Behind “Wayfair Conspiracy” You Won’t Hear ANYWHERE Else - Craig Sawyer via The Next News Network