Thursday, May 28, 2020

What’s in a Name? Call it “Big Brother”

Watch... and understand how far they've pushed us.

Seven Orange County, California Sex Offender Inmates Released by Court Commissioner

Since April 7, 2020, seven registered sex offenders – with crimes ranging from indecent exposure and sexual battery to child molestation – have been...

The Rockefeller Foundation – Pandemic 2020 (FROM 2010)

LOCK STEP A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback. In 2012, the pandemic that the...

We Are (Obviously) Being Lied To – Watch & Share

We are being lied to - please watch and share.

Epoch Times Documentary – A Must See on Tracking Down the Origin of the...

This is one documentary that the media does not want you to see. It is well-researched and should be required viewing. Direct link:

Remember This? Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate...

The Department of Justice announced today that the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department and two Chinese nationals have been charged...

Just Watch – Virus Task Force Boss Birx Ukraine Connections

Now this is interesting... Take the time to watch. Link:

Covid-19: Start-up that saved lives with 3D-printed valve may face legal action

Italian 3D printing start-up Isinnova has saved the lives of ten Covid-19 patients after developing a replacement ventilator valve when supplies at Chiari hospital...