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Saturday, August 13, 2022



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Famed Nickelodeon Producer OUT After Years Of Pedophilia Rumors

Last October, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal I reported on the disturbing story brewing over at the popular kids network Nickelodeon.

Producer Dan Schneider has been responsible for some of Nick’s biggest hits over the last 20 years, including iCarly, Kenan & Kel and Victorious. You may also recognize him as the fat nerd from the 80s sitcom Head of the class.

Schneider was their superproducer, but rumors of his perversions have floated around for years. All of the accusations can be found in this post but to recap, Schneider has alleged “fondness” for the underage girls he casts in his shows. He also has a strange foot fetish that has crept into his storylines involving young girls and there have been many rumors that he may have even fathered the baby of Jamie Lynn Spears, who was a Nickelodeon star until she was forced to quit her show because of her teenage pregnancy.

After Harvey Weinstein revealed the dark underbelly of Hollywood perversion, the heat was turned way up on what other perverted things might be going on behind the scenes. “An Open Secret” – released in 2015 – shot up from hundreds of views to millions of views as curious fans flocked to see their expose of Hollywood pedophilia.

How has this all stayed so quiet for so long?

Well, it looks like Dan Schneider has finally met his end as Nickelodeon superproducer. On Monday the network announced they were finally parting ways with Schneider.