tubalcain28 September 2014: In the context of today’s headlines of wars, beheadings, Ebola, and the coming economic Armageddon, you might have heard or read the biblical reference “as in the days of Noah.” It seems that this particular reference is being cited with more frequency in evangelical venues as it carries with it a particular prophetic reference. But do you understand, and I mean really understand, the full sum and substance of this paraphrasing of scripture? Unless and until you do, it is nearly impossible to make sense of current events and understand what lays ahead for all of us. Additionally, it is almost impossible to comprehend the exact nature of events documented by the Holy Bible, as the true meaning of this scriptural reference is not being taught in modern churches, by ministers, priests or preachers.

If you’ve ever read or heard anything about the Illuminati, their bloodlines and the leaders of today, but do not understand (or never heard of) how the giants of Genesis 6, fallen angels and demons fit into this topic, then you really don’t understand the globalist agenda in terms of past, current and planned events or true biblical history. I can assure you that you are not alone, and I personally did not gain this understanding easily or without a significant amount of research and investigation. And… I’m still learning. Understanding the topic of fallen angels, giants, and demons in the context of the bloodline of Adam is the key to unlocking knowledge that few have, and thusly understanding just how far along we are on God’s timeline.

Moreover, you cannot separate the biblical topic of giants, demons and fallen angels from current and near-term Geo-political events, although “the illuminated” would certainly prefer that you did. So too would many mega-churches, televangelists, political figures, military leaders, and royalty. The reason? By understanding that the Holy Bible reveals the blueprints of the globalists, including their methods of madness, that the holy Bible is much more than some antiquated or obscure historical reference or even, as some might assert, a collection of fables, you will then better understand the events taking place around us. Events in the recent past will also be seen for what they actually are, and you will then have a better grasp of what lays ahead. You will gain a better understanding of what was actually taking place in the days leading to the flood of Noah’s time, and it might not be what you think.

As time progresses, we will begin to experience certain conditions as referenced in Joel chapter 3, verses 9-11, which reference mighty ones coming from the earth as well as from heaven. As time progresses, we must gain a complete and accurate understanding of the giants cited in Genesis 6, the role of the fallen angels, the activity of demons, and equally important, we must know and understand the difference. It is imperative for us to understand the field of battle in order to overcome fear and to be personally victorious in this battle for the souls of the uncorrupted lineage of Adam.

Coming battles

It’s likely that you’ve seen references to “super soldiers” and programs related to creating them. Articles about DNA and its alteration for scientific as well as military purposes. We might read or hear these accounts, but do we fully understand them? We’re about to see things that were prophesized millennia ago. It all comes down to a battle between good and evil, and Satan’s attempt to corrupt the lineage or DNA of Adam, or the seed of God through Adam.

The battles to come will not just include “super soldiers,” but of demonic entities. Therefore, it is important for us to understand the terminology used to describe the “players” in the final battles yet to come. It is absolutely critical for all of us to understand the difference between demons, fallen angels, the Nephilim, Rephaim, and other entities so we can learn actual biblical truths and avoid the confusion intended for us by those in the demonic realm.

The war being waged upon us is for our very souls and eternal salvation, and not merely one of a carnal origin. To understand the past and how it relates to current events and our future salvation is one of the most critical lessons we can and must learn. In this age of deception, we must have a true working knowledge of mankind’s earliest history, for it is here that the account begins and ends.

Author, talk show host and researcher Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino of The Alberino Analysis will be featured on the Monday, September 29, 2014 edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report to explain the differences in terminology that is being used to confuse us, and will provide concise, accurate and salvation-level information about the fallen angels, demons, the Nephalim, Rephaim and even the return or re-animation of Nimrod, a most important yet most glossed-over topic in biblical eschatology today.

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