Doubling as a weekly liberal media pep talk, CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter featured ludicrous spin from liberal Comedy Central host Jordan Klepper on gun control, complaining that the gun control viewpoint has been insufficiently covered in the media, and the NRA falsely has created a “narrative” that their opponents want to take people’s guns away.

In reality, Klepper’s claims and Stelter’s nods of agreement represent something else, which is their view that the NRA has an outsized voice in the gun debate. Instead of having a balance, it’s about having conniptions over the NRA having a right to speak.

Stelter failed on the most basic level throughout the interview, refusing to label Klepper a liberal pushing a predominantly leftist view while lampooning the NRA and joining in the refusal to criticize the Parkland survivors on policy.

Klepper mentioned early in his appearance that he has “a lot of gun folks in my family and my surroundings” back in Michigan, so that presumably gives him cover to express his “hope” that there will be (in Stelter’s words) “action” on gun control.

“I felt like I was so frustrated because I got to talk to people who — who had guns and people who didn’t have guns, and saw that there was a different narrative here that wasn’t being covered and so I’m a comedian,” Klepper explained as to why he’s covered guns on his show The Opposition and previously at The Daily Show.

He then iterated that “the common ground” he sees:

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