Colin Flaherty has guts, or courage, if you prefer. Equally important, he has done what nearly all investigative journalists have been unwilling to do. He has conducted a comprehensive and honest investigation into one of the most unreported and underreported threats to our society and culture. He has assembled the documentation showing that there is an epidemic of black crime and violence, exponentially disproportionate in all societal sectors and crime statistics that exists and threatens our very way of life. Today, however, it is being ignored, condoned, excused, denied and even encouraged by public officials and the media.

In an environment that is openly hostile to the truth, where hate speech is defined by those who hate the truth, Colin Flaherty courageously exposes not just the growing epidemic of black violence, but the systematic censorship of the truth by the government and an accommodating media. Furthermore, he is doing so at a time in our nation’s history when exposing the truth about black violence is not only tedious, but often personally and professionally perilous.

Exposing the truth behind black violence, the “third rail” of social issues, often brands the bearer of truth as a racist, bigot, or worse. Facts be damned. At a time when merely brandishing the Confederate flag serves as prima facia evidence in the liberal court of public opinion that the bearer is a racist hatemonger, few have the journalistic integrity to report on the cancer that is metastasizing in the body public. Black violence is not only out of control, but there is an orchestrated effort to deny that it even exists. Denial of black violence, like denying the existence of cancer, will most assuredly result in a painful, ugly and potentially needless death.

The results of Colin Flaherty’s investigation into the growing epidemic of black crime are stunning. You will not see, hear or read the actual statistics, the factual accounts of violence, and the threat posed to each and every one of us in the corporate media. Even the so-called conservative media willfully turns a blind eye to the increase of riots, flash mobs, and random incidents of violence that is on the rise.

Knockout game? Don’t worry, the mass media tells us that it’s over-hyped. Beat Whitey Night? Chances are you’ve never heard of it. Why? Because it’s not politically correct to say that race plays a role in acts of random violence.

In his book White Girl Bleed A Lot, Colin Flaherty provides proof that racial violence is back with a vengeance and is spreading across America. He documents some 500 cases in over 100 cities in America of black violence, most you’ve probably never were told about by the media. It is an eye-opening report.

His latest book, Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry, The Hoax of Black Victimization and How We Enable It, is 468 pages long and contains 915 footnotes that document the extent of racial violence. More importantly, he exposes the deliberate censorship by the media and public officials of this threat that poses a grave danger to all of us.

Join Colin Flaherty tonight as he takes us through his findings, and exposes the crimes and the cover-up that exists behind a wall of politically-correct silence. Listen while you still can, for the police of political correctness don’t want this information to be made known.

Meanwhile, visit Colin Flaherty’s YouTube Channel (HERE) while you still can, as the truth censors struck once and could strike again at any moment. Hear the actual 911 calls, the eyewitness reports of countless incidents, and the police reports that substantiate his findings.

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