Exposing World Secrets and Overcoming Evil

I was recently joined by Doug and Joe Hagmann on my show, The Sharpening Report. Doug and Joe are the father and son hosts of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. In this special episode of The Sharpening Report, the tables were flipped on Doug and Joe as they are guests instead of hosts. They dig into topics concerning exposing the secrets of the world and overcoming the evil of the enemy.
Doug and Joe talked with me about their views about the rapture, share their testimonies, share some of the most intense cases they’ve had as investigators (even to the point of Doug telling the full story of how he solved his uncle’s murder when the police couldn’t and letting us in on a book he wrote that he may or may not get published), touch on unresolved investigations from their show, discuss the importance of unity among believers, and much, much more. View the video below (don’t forget to subscribe) and listen to some of the most powerful, emotional, and enlightening discussion ever had on The Sharpening Report. Thank you, take care, and God bless!
TSR 088: Doug and Joe Hagmann on Exposing World Secrets and Overcoming Evil
0:00 – Introduction
4:01 – Doug and Joe’s Testimonies
14:07 – Viewer Questions
15:40 – The Rapture: Pre-Wrath and Pre-Trib
25:19 – The Need for Unity
27:19 – Doug’s Investigative Background
30:07 – Doug solves his Uncle’s Murder
43:55 – The Story of Steve Quayle
47:29 – Stories that Need Further Investigation
49:39 – Satanic Apostasy and the Great Deception
51:53 – The Coming Technocalypse
56:21 – Doug and Joe’s Final Thoughts
59:39 – Contact and Show Information
1:00:58 – Conclusion
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