Exposing The Truth – The Luciferian One World Order Agenda In New Age & Spiritualism


By Minute To Midnite – All News PipeLine

I’m sure to most of the well informed readers at  All News Pipeline the fact that the World is headed on a clear course towards a globalgovernment is not revolutionary new information. Some of the less informed members of the public are probably still unaware of this fact, while there are other people who simply choose to be willfully ignorant of it, or simply don’t care. Preoccupied with their daily lives, their cellphones and Apps, computer games, and the television they are blinded to the truth. The various media forms appear to have mesmerized the masses. While most of us here know this is not a good thing at all, there is another group of people who believe it would be a giant step in the right direction for mankind to have a One World Order. Many of is group they are looking for a kind of collective consciousness, and where peace, love and oneness with the universe is the mantra. They embrace the thought of joining together in a march towards spiritual utopia. Many of these people are very spiritual. Many of them are even good people too, with sincere motives. But how many of them ever stop to really question who, or what is behind this push for a collective consciousness and heightened spirituality? We see a move towards a oneness of religions as well. Fundamentalist Christians who see God as having set boundaries and spiritual laws in place are frowned upon. Those that speak of sin, are largely berated by by this group. Those who speak of a God who will judge us for sin are seen as extremists and bigots. They are comfortable with a sort of New Age Jesus who exudes only love – minus any judging for sin.   Read More

As heard on The Hagmann Report