25 June 2015: There has been much speculation about the purpose, scope and depth within the alternative media about Jade Helm 15. At the epicenter of this speculation exists one primary question: What is the real reason behind the Jade Helm 15 exercise?

“D.J.,” an investigative researcher and the founder and developer of Level9News.com (currently under construction) will be our very special guest tonight to discuss her startling research findings that connect some very interesting dots pertaining to the computer GeoSpatial Intelligence Network (GeoINT) and “the net” that is about to be dropped upon humanity.

Just coming off of an interview with J.B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight (Episode 309), “D.J.” will offer a very informative look into Jade Helm. Having a strong background in system & network engineering, “D.J.” will provide a very detailed analysis of the backbone of Jade Helm 15, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) based computer system with astounding, futuristic capabilities.

Is it possible that JADE II is part of a bigger command and control system that goes beyond military applications? Based on countless hours of recent research and tireless investigation, “D.J.” has the answers, or at least many of them, which connect important yet overlooked dots about the ultimate role quantum computing will play in this new “geospatial intelligence network centric” battlefield.

Do not be fooled by others who claim to have done the research and present the findings into this very specific aspect of Jade Helm 15, for it is her exposure that has shaken the intelligence community.

About “D.J.”

“My background is in system & network engineering & I left my current job in the gaming industry last year to pursue a challenge to make a difference in a world where right is wrong, up is down, truth is lies. Level9News will provide a protected platform to accelerate ‘the awakening” humanity is experiencing worldwide. I believe it is essential to keep the channels of truth and information open to continue to raise the consciousness of humanity so we don’t wake up one day and wonder how we became enslaved to a global totalitarian government.”

About Level9News:

Level9News.com (under construction) This site will be hosted out of Iceland, one of the last bastions of free speech where people can publish their research without censorship and expose the crimes being perpetrated on humanity, the lies being reported to cover them up and provide a global forum to combat what is nothing short of “a global assault on humanity”.


As heard on The Hagmann Report