Vice President Mike Pence on Hannity, Fox News Channel March 12, 2018

On Monday, March 12, Sean Hannity – Fox News Channel 9 PM ET – presents an interview with Vice President Mike Pence. The interview is of special interest because of the subjects covered, including the pending meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the private and personal apology that Pence received in a phone call from The View co-host Joy Behar after she appeared to insult Pence’s Christian faith, and the mayor of Oakland, California defying federal immigration policy.

On Monday afternoon three hours before the broadcast, Fox News sent out a news release including a link to a brief video preview of the interview.


Source: Fox News

In an exclusive interview to be presented this evening on FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Hannity, Vice President Mike Pence sat down with host Sean Hannity and opened up about the apology he received from co-host of ABC’s The View, Joy Behar. Pence also discussed President Donald Trump accepting the invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, as well as the latest news surrounding immigration. Below are early excerpts from the interview. A full transcript will be sent out this evening.

Preview Clip:

On ABC’s The View co-host Joy Behar’s apology to him:

VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: You and I know that criticism comes with public life.  But I felt it was important that I defend the faith of tens of millions of Americans against that kind of slander.  And I did so.  And you know, I give Joy Behar a lot of credit.  She picked up the phone.  She called me.  She was very sincere, and she apologized and one of the things my faith teaches me is grace; forgive as you’ve been forgiven.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST:  So does mine, but I’m not as good at it as you –

PENCE:  Look, but I said to Joy, of course, I forgive you.  That’s part of my faith experience.  But I did encourage her and I’m still encouraging her, to use the forum of that program or some other public forum, to apologize to tens of millions of Americans who were equally offended.

On President Donald Trump accepting the invitation to meet with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un:

HANNITY: Is there really a shot, about not just stopping missile testing, and stopping the development of nukes, but denuclearization of the Korean peninsula?

PENCE:  Well, we’ll see, as the president often says. But, the fact that Kim Jong Un not only offered to meet, but offered to cease any missile testing, any nuclear testing, and did not object to ongoing military exercises by the United States and South Korea, it was a remarkable step forward. And, it’s a direct result of the fact that from the first day of this administration, President Trump made it clear that the era of strategic patience is over. He’s marshaled unprecedented economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime in North Korea and this breakthrough, and we hope it is a breakthrough, is a result of the strong leadership the president has provided on the world stage.

On the mayor of Oakland defying federal immigration authorities:

PENCE: We’re a nation of laws, Sean, and all of us who take the oath of office to serve at every level take an oath to the constitution of the United States, and for state officials, to the constitution of that state. To have an elected mayor in Oakland, California say that they’re not going to uphold the laws of the United States of America.

HANNITY: Worse, they’re helping people who have broken the law.

PENCE: Look, the mayor’s actions are disgraceful on a couple levels. Number one, she’s setting aside her oath of office to uphold the laws of the land, the rule of law. But secondly, and I spoke to the Attorney General about this, the majority of individuals who are being targeted by immigrations and customs enforcement [ICE] had a criminal record. So for the Mayor of Oakland to warn them in advance of actions by ICE personnel actually put those law enforcement officers at risk, that’s just utterly unacceptable.

End of Fox News news release.

Hannity airs live on the Fox News Channel at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT with a replay four hours later at 1 AM ET/10 PM PT.

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