We have seen all this before, its almost as if we are watching a rerun of a TV show with this latest strike on Syria.  Last year in April we saw an alleged chemical attack in Syria with no proof of who the aggressor was and military missile strikes taking place.  In 2017 President Trump sat down with the President of China and launched a counter attack without evidence of proof despite his harsh criticism of President Obama for his actions or lack there of in Syria.  Even today in 2018 the Trump administration has said there is no evidence Syrian President Assad was behind the attack.  Did President Trump forget his own words and the same action playing out only one year ago?

Its not likely, the President is not a stupid man.  What has brought about this change, this desire to go against everything that he stated and ran against in the 2016 presidential election?  So many questions need to be answered.  Why has Trump taken actions against the interests of everything his past responses would indicate.  Does the recent personnel  change moving the war hawk John Bolton into the inner circle have anything to do with Trumps decisions? How much of this is deep state politics and influence vs Trumps own perceptions?

How does Assad bombing his own people during a surrender help him retain power?  It doesn’t, the USA and other global interests have been trying to remove Assad from power like they have done with so many middle east leaders over the past 6 years. This is part of a larger agenda, on that started before 9/11.

This is such a confusing situation that we can speculate and guess at the motivations and reasons behind the latest military strikes but to what end.  Is this the continuation of the PENAC and Bush agenda? Lets just hope the response from other nations is tamer than that of our leader and that we can prevent an international military conflict and the possible start of WWIII.  Our nation is lost, the Trump base feeling betrayed.  Is there any outcome which benefits the President in this situation?

General Mattis stated this is a one time strike to deter Assad from gassing his own people again.  Will we see retaliation or will this be remembered the same as last years one time strike?  The citizens are fed up with undeclared wars, military drone strikes which have killed thousands in the last decades.  No matter who the leader is we seem to be on the same path toward global government, its just a matter of how we get there.

We need answers and if history is any indicator of the future we won’t have them.  Regardless of the Presidents deciosn we must never stop fighting for what is right and for the truth to prevail.




  1. Seeing as there are only Syria, Iran and North Korea that don’t have a central bank that is under the globalist banking cabal, it is pretty clear. Amstel Rothschild remarked that give him control of a nations money and he cared not who made its’ laws. Plus prophecy states that Damascus will be a ruinous heap. Looks like we are just witnessing prophecy.

  2. All those who voted for Trump on the basis of his comments of avoiding “expensive and needless military misadventures” in the Middle East are angry, are frustrated that Trump has taken this action. I agree, he is not a stupid man. He knows the history of the CIA involvement since 1949 in destabilizing Syria. In late 1945, the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) announced plans to construct the Trans-Arabian Pipe Line (TAPLINE) from Saudi Arabia to the Mediterra- nean. With U.S. help, ARAMCO secured rights-of-way from Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The Syrian right-of-way was stalled in parliament. In other words, Syria was the sole holdout for the lucrative oil pipeline. (Indeed, the CIA has carried out this type of covert action right from the start.) http://washingtonsblog.com/2014/09/start-cia-engaged-terrorism-long-gave-plausable-deniability-government.html

    Recently-declassified CIA documents show that in 1986, the CIA drew up plans to overthrow Syria by provoking sectarian tensions. Neoconservatives planned regime change in Syria once again in 1991 and again in 2001. https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP86T01017R000100770001-5.pdf

    Don’t forget the infamous Wesley Clark interview https://youtu.be/9RC1Mepk_Sw in which he tells about Pentagon plans to take out 7 middle eastern countries in 5 years (Syria included).

    Trump knows the truth about the false flag gas attack, and is lying to the American public. His immoral action, and any loss of innocent lives in Syria are on him and his conscience.

  3. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/11/06/magazine/when-hillary-and-donald-were-friends.html

    I have always felt Trump was a globalist and part of the cabal. You do not get into the White House unless you play by their rules. That started the day JFK died. . .

    Trump played his part well. Look at all the hand signals he started throwing up as soon as he got into the White House (upside down pyramids reminiscent of Angela Merkel).

    I have felt from day one of the last Election that this whole thing is nothing but 2 elite factions vying for power. Anyone else see it that way? The bottom line is, they all serve Lucifer.

    God is in control. Pray and breathe!

  4. Can someone possibly put a link in with this Syria hung …don’t understand how this threatens Russia OR ……..

  5. I think we are losing sight of the big and long-range picture here. The governments of Syria, Iran, and Russia along with various other small Islamic governments and militias or forming an alliance for the eventual destruction of the nation of Israel. What we’re seeing now is the movement of assets and the attempted removal of opposition to this agenda, to position personnel and assets to surround the nation of Israel for an effective and swift destruction that nation.
    We must remember that the establishment of the modern nation of Israel was the fulfillment of biblical prophecy for the last days. But we must also know that God used the globalists themselves to help build that nation. The Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the other major global financial institutions built the infrastructure foundations for this modern nation not in loans but donated billions and billions of dollars. In fact the main boulevard in the center of Tel Aviv’s financial district is Rothschild Boulevard.
    Kissinger along with Nixon and Reagan tried to bring in Russia and China to be partners in this globalist New World order where the Western bankers be at the center of all of this. But Russia and China soon discovered that they were going to be equal partners, so they rebelled. So now we have a renewed Cold War East against West. In the playground where this is playing out is Syria, Israel, Ukraine, North Korea and Taiwan.
    The linchpin of all of this as events evolve on the ground and in biblical prophecy is the nation of Israel is truly becoming that burdensome stone. Ezekiel’s Gog and Magog war is Turkey, Syria, Iran, Russia, attacking Israel. And they are utterly defeated by an incredible act of God. In the same manner they were incredible acts of God when Israel was declared a nation and defeated seven nations attacked her.
    And it is the focal point for the battle of Armageddon we have the three frogs that bring out the king of the North, Russia Turkey Syria or any combination thereof, the king of East China and her allies and the king of the South in her house Islamic world. All of these come together against Israel and her allies which have been and will be up into the end the Western powers. This supports the idea that America is a major factor in mystery Babylon; a false church, with a false gospel, and a false second coming Jewish Messiah that Jesus said Israel would embrace because they rejected him as their true Messiah.
    So all that what we’re seeing here today is the steady march to the Gog Magog war, the establishment of a counterfeit kingdom of God, a counterfeit Jewish Messiah, a counterfeit world peace all orchestrated by a counterfeit Jesus Christ who will look like, feel like, talk like, and same like real Jesus accompanied by all sorts of signs and wonders and even raising from the dead, and events that will cause the whole world to run after him and worship him as God. We are already seeing foundations of this false theology being formed within the church today and ecumenicalism is that will lead to Universalism. Even in Saudi Arabia we have a new crown prince who is supporting the right of Israel to exist but that the land it must be divided at a price.
    So as this place itself out we must understand that the Prince and the power of the air is going to be allowed to have his day in whether we like it or not America unfortunately is going to be a key player in the establishment of this false kingdom this deception that is so good that even the elect could be deceived that were possible unfortunately many America many Christians in America are already being deceived. It will be interesting and challenging to see all these events play themselves out in the days to come

  6. I do not agree with Michael Savage on all things, I believe he is right tho on this issue.How is getting involved in Syria is in America best interest? How Trump can go from stating he is ready to pull our troops out of Syria to this is only a weeks time is beyond me… I supported Trump despite his coziness with the Clinton’s, & something told me he couldn’t be trusted….i naively hoped I was wrong.

  7. Pray for peace… how many more innocent lives will be lost in another senseless war, how many mothers, wives, sons & daughters will have their loved ones coming home in body bags or not at all? . The elite care nothing for millions of innocent lives lost..they will be hiding in their underground bunkers like the evil vermin they are.

  8. @Daniel Benson. I am right there with you and agree wholeheartedly on the fake jesus coming, and that Israel, specifically Jerusalem, is our barometer for these end times.

    I also find it interesting that is is a “Trump” that is part of ushering in these “end times.”

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