Dennis Rodman live from Singapore, CNN June 11, 2018 (ET)

During the news analysis segment of The Hagmann Report on Tuesday, co-host Joe Hagmann mentioned Chris Cuomo’s interview Monday evening (ET) with a MAGA hat-wearing Dennis Rodman who was in Singapore during the summit between President Trump and Kim Jung Un. It was a highlight of the television coverage from the summit that was well worth viewing, according to Joe.

Indeed, Rodman’s live 16-minute long interaction with Cuomo has created quite a stir in the media. Chris Cillizza, CNN’s Editor at Large, offered his analysis here. Erik Wemple of the Washington Post weighed in here. The Cuomo-Rodman interview was reported on and analyzed in most other print, online, and electronic media during Tuesday.

The complete video itself, uploaded by CNN and titled “Dennis Rodman gets emotional after Trump-Kim summit,” can be watched here. At the time of this writing (8 PM ET Tuesday June 12), the video at YouTube had almost 1.5 million views and over 18,000 comments. Interestingly, most of the time that Rodman was on with Cuomo, he was shown in a split screen with Cuomo. Was a possible reason for that technical decision the fact that it made the red MAGA hat that Rodman was wearing appear less prominent and readable?

Chris Cuomo interviews Dennis Rodman in Singapore live on CNN, June 11, 2018 (ET)


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