By Paul McGuire

The occult globalist elite at the very top is Luciferian and Satanic, thus through the UN and other organizations that are destroying all forms of nationalism, patriotism, traditional family and moral values and the main target is Biblical Christians and Biblical Christianity.  The elite want the return of Babylon and the NWO which is a Satanic counterfeit of the Kingdom of God.  This is why America is their number one target and Trump.

Rockefeller went to Communist China after Chairman Mao’s bloody Communist Revolution which murdered over 100 million people and Rockefeller ignored the murders of milions of people and said that Communist China should be a model for the world? He said, he wants America to become much more like China, a brutal totalitarian police states where the people live under a Communist dictatorship.  This is what the globa elite want to turn all manking into their slaves while they live like gods!  The purposed of forced migration in the US and the EU is to destroy what is left of national soveriengty – manufactured crisis of New World Order out of chaos.   They want chaos in the streets here and there to bring in Martial Law and a police state, then after they have full militarized and federalized the police they are going allow a global economic crash, the IMF calls a global reboot, mark of the beast technology and WWW III.

We are moving right into prophecy with the Babylon rising.  However,  the clock is ticking God has answered the prayers of His Remnant and He has given us a temporal reprieve and a second chance because God wants a massive last days soul harvest – that has been the purpose of America from the beginnning.  Our recent election and our Christian freedoms have ignited the world and have given people boldness!

If we the Remnant are faithful to wins souls, bring in the last days soul harvest and Occupy the land Jesus Christ has given us and do (Kingdom) business until He comes, which is not only using our resources to win souls, but if our priorities are God’s priorities, He will bless America and the Remnant in the middle of the chaos and countless millions will come into the Kingdom.  This will be an all-out spiritua battle in the invisible realm between those using Luciferian and technological occult power and a Remnant of God’s people who have received power on high, the supernatural wisdom of God, the blessing of God on many new technologies given to His people so that God’s people can triumph through the Internet, finances, Social media, science, media,  politics, culture, film, television and new forms of ministry that can penetrate the marketplace.

As God’s people walk in the supernatural wisdom of Daniel, Joseph, David, King Solomon, Joshua and others, God will allow those who are faithful and obedient to conquer new territory and occupy the land, in a new way that has done been see for centuries among God’s people.  It will be a new paradigm shift and the days of a powerless and dead “Evangelical religion” are over.  If we lay hold of God, the Lord will release supernatural power, technology and sceince on a level never seen before in a last days spiritual battle that will bring in a last days soul harvest.

All hell is about to break loose and demonic powers unleashed on a level also not seen before in human history, except with the fallen angels descending on Mount Hermon, the Nephilim and the supernatura powers opened up at the Tower of Babel, the occult power harnessed by the Nazi’s and the CERN Hadron Collider.  For those who believe God’s Word, they will be given an anointing to slay spiritual Nephilim and Rephaim giants like Goliath.  The supernatural power and authority God s about to release on HIs people will not be a revival based on false teaching and acting like fools and rolling on the floor bartking like dogs.  This will be a revival of mighty men and women of God who will have incredible wisdom in many disciplines in life along with supernatural power.

God is telling His people that we are entering an all spiritual battle for America and the world, but that He is giving His people wisdom, intelligence, giftings in many areas like economics, science and technology, just to name a few and the power of God!  This allow for a last days soul harvest and it will be temporal.  Then a transition will come when the wicked will be given over to their depravity and God will withdraw His grace upon the nations, including America.  But, God’s power will be here to supernaturally deliver and protect His people.

The Lord wants His people to be fearless!  As the Remnant prevails in spiritual warfare and prayer, the enemies of God and of a Christian America will be brought low.  God is going to continue to expose the wickedness in high places among the occut-global-elite.  God is about displace them suddenly.  If we will continue to pray for Trump and others, there plans of stealing the election, assassinations, etc. will crash.
For now, God’s hand of protecting and blessing is upon the Remnant and God expects us to take back the land that the powers of darkness stole from us because we disobeyed and rebelled from God’s Word!

God will cause economic revival, restore finances, jobs and blessing upon Americans as they choose to recognize God as their Source and cry out to Him.  Cities, states and nations will come alive again economically, culturally and spiritually as a Third Great Awakening causes our economic engines to roar. The spiritual stronghold of Marxism which is suffocating this nation to death through the media, Hollywood, politicians and Marxist revolutionaries is about to have the chains it has put upon our nation and people shattered and there will be an Exodus of American slaves leaving for a Promised Land.  This is a massive act  of God’s grace and people need to reach out by faith and receive it because it will not last forever. There is coming both Tribulation and Armageddon, but the Remnant will overcome!

Paul McGuire is an internationally recognized prophecy expert, minister, speaker, author of 28 books, and host of “The Paul McGuire Report” on BlogTalkRadio, every Monday through Friday, 4:00-6:00 PM ET. Paul has hosted two seasons of the exciting GOD.TV television series “Apocalypse and the End Times.”