President Trump inherited horrible trade deficits – deals made by past presidents who sold out America for political capital at our expense. Billions of dollars in unfair trade agreements were slanted against the United States. Under President Trump, that deficit is lessening, making America a stronger nation.

This short video/audio clip explains how – in under 4 minutes.

WARNING: Do NOT play this clip around Liberals without proper eye protection as their heads might explode given the clarity and sheer simplicity of the facts offered by expert economist Dr. Michael Busler.

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Douglas J. Hagmann
Douglas J. Hagmann has been a licensed investigator in the private sector for the last 30 years. As a private detective, Hagmann has worked well over 5,000 cases and is recognized as a surveillance specialist. He has worked as an informational and operational asset for various federal and state law enforcement agencies. Doug Hagmann now hosts a popular radio and video talk show each weeknight from 7:00-10:00 PM ET on the Global Star Radio Network and simulcast on YouTube and other venues.