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EXCLUSIVE: With the first anniversary of Robert Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel to investigate alleged collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia just having passed, the president’s new high-profile attorney, former NYC Major Rudy Giuliani, has given his latest interview. It will air tonight, Tuesday May 15, on The Ingraham Angle on the Fox News Channel at 10 P.M. E.T. with a replay 3 hours later at 1 A.M. E.T.

Shortly before the broadcast, Fox News released several excerpts from the interview, which was recorded earlier Tuesday for broadcast at 10 P.M.

Rudy Giuliani in an earlier appearance on Fox News

From Fox News:

In an exclusive interview to be presented tonight on FOX News Channel’s (FNC) The Ingraham Angle (weeknights 10PM/ET) lead outside attorney for President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, discusses why he believes the Special Counsel’s Russia investigation should end today and the details on the payment to Stormy Daniels. Highlights from the interview are below.

On the timeline for the Special Counsel’s Russia investigation to wrap up:

RUDY GIULIANI:They should do it today. I mean as soon as possible. I think that they have the facts on which they can write their report. If you’re going to write a fair report, fine, write it. If you’re going to write an unfair report, write it and we will combat it! We are ready to rip it apart.”  

On his reaction to the news that President Donald Trump disclosed his reimbursements to Michael Cohen for the Stormy Daniel payments:  

GIULIANI:Sure, absolutely, and the president was fully aware of it, and the president endorsed the strategy.  We wouldn’t do it without him.  He’s the client, after all, and has tremendous judgment about things like this. And I think it — that the OGE, the Office of Government Ethics, basically agreed with us that it has been fully disclosed. I have a little disagreement with them, but it’s a petty one.  I don’t believe it had to be disclosed at all.”

On what concerns him about the Special Counsel’s investigation:

GIULIANI:Yea, their inability to reach a conclusion that is obvious. And their unwillingness to recognize the damage that this does to our country all over the world.”

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