Illegal aliens from Mexico or another part of Latin America act out in the United States

BY PETER BARRY CHOWKA. EXCLUSIVE California is a mess. The situation on the ground there is even worse than most people in other states realize.

Recent events have revealed that much of the state has indeed been “reconquered” by an invasion of illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries. Radical leftists behind a “Reconquista movement designed to reclaim or reconquer much of the United States now appear to be close to achieving a critical mass of success in their decades-long effort to ensure “that the U.S. Southwest should be politically or culturally conquered by Mexico.”

Until recently, the Reconquista movement was presented as a fringe element, largely confined to obscure radicals in the barrios and academia. But now we can see how much this insidious radical left movement has really been able to achieve.

As is often the case, a particular event or occurrence can shed considerable light on a larger issue or problem. In this instance, the flashpoint that sheds new light involves Chula Vista, an unlikely, fairly obscure city in San Diego County, California. Set in the center of what is known as the South Bay, Chula Vista is equidistant – nine miles – from downtown San Diego to the north and the porous U.S./Mexico border in the other direction.

The news event that brought the larger situation to the fore – for a brief moment – was the report one week ago, May 2, 2018, by a San Diego TV station that a high school in Chula Vista had been publicly displaying a large mural painted by a student depicting the bloody decapitation of President Donald J. Trump by an “Aztec warrior.” This outrage is reminiscent of “comedian” Kathy Griffin’s notorious stunt last year in which she posed with the bloody severed head of a mannequin made to look like the President of the U.S.. In this latest case, however, the mural is on government property – a federally- and state-supported public high school!

Student mural at Chula Vista, California Public Charter High School depicting the murder of President Trump – screen shot by Peter Barry Chowka from KUSI-TV video

The events about the mural were covered by KUSI San Diego here. The Daily Caller subsequently reported on the story. The details and video are there for anyone interested in the mural.

Monica Showalter, an experienced reporter and journalist, and an editor at and prolific contributor to American Thinker (AT), took the issue a big step further with her article at AT on May 6, “Anti-Trump mural school in Chula Vista caters to illegals, sports [and] an abysmal academic record.” Among Showalter’s investigative findings:

A look at who’s running the school pretty well tells us what was going on. The school, whose MAAC initials stand for Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee on Anti-Poverty of San Diego County, Inc. is a project of a group of Chicano militant groups, some dating from the brown-beret era of the 1970s and earlier, and their school has been around since 2001. . .

Charter schools get both state and federal funds, and in California, are only permitted to exist if they maintain a sufficient student ratio as well as live up to performance standards. This one doesn’t.

According to this statistic (dated to 2012, so it may be changed) they get an average of $7,131 per pupil of federal funding, plus state funding conditioned upon performance. The school has 243 students enrolled, according to its School Accountability Report Card for 2016-2017, which if the numbers are correct, would mean it gets $1,732,833 in federal funding alone.

Now let’s take a look at who’s enrolled – it’s a doozy.

According to the SARC, the school educates students up to the age of 24, and has 167 students enrolled as seniors, or, grade 12. Sixty-one are in Grade 11, a huge drop. Thirteen are in Grade 10, a more precipitous drop still, and all of two, repeat, two, are in Grade 9. There are no student rosters listed for lower grades, although the SARC forms include them as a category together with higher grades further down on the report, which could be a category placeholder.

Assuming these are all the students they have, this stands out because it suggests that most of these kids aren’t high-schoolers, they are likely adult illegal immigrants from Mexico and beyond who are the typical military-aged young men who are playing student to keep this school’s enrollment up, its funds coming, and probably to obtain Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals benefits. . .

According to 2016-2017 student data on the SARC (and it contradicts itself in places)

95.9% are identified as Hispanic.

70.4% are listed as socially disadvantage (the figure rises to 90% later in the report)

65% are identified as “English learners,” which would likely mean Spanish-only speakers, or unassimilated immigrants.

Combine it with the huge age gaps for the high school and it has the look of a propaganda school for young Chavista soldiers from among the illegal immigrant community.

Some of the “Dreamers”  Illegal Latino immigrant students in the U.S. demonstrate their true feelings about the USA or El Norte, as many of them call it

In her May 6 article at American Thinker, Showalter goes on with more verifiable data that is absolutely eye-opening and mind boggling. I highly recommend that her article be read closely, saved, and shared as widely as possible. It can be read and downloaded from here.

When I first heard about this story datelined Chula Vista, California on May 3, I immediately took note. At one time, about three decades ago, I was very familiar with that city. It was a very different city, state, and country then – largely pre-Reconquista-invasion times.

In 1980, Chula Vista’s population was 84,000. In 2016, the estimate was 267,000. In the 2020 census, it is expected to be over 300,000. This astronomical growth – evidently in large part because of the infiltration of illegal immigrants who crossed the International Border nine miles to the south – has made the city one of the fastest growing in the United States.

According to Wikipedia, citing official US Census statistics from 2010:

The racial makeup of Chula Vista was 130,991 (53.7%) White, 11,219 (4.6%) African American, 1,880 (0.8%) Native American, 35,042 (14.4%) Asian, 1,351 (0.6%) Pacific Islander, 49,171 (20.2%) from other races, and 14,262 (5.8%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino people of any race were 142,066 persons (58.2%).

In 1990:

the city’s population was 135,163. The racial make up of the city during the 1990 census was 67.7% White, 18.1% Other, 8.2% Asian, 4.5% African American, 0.6% Pacific Islander, and 0.6% Native American. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 37.2%.

So, a 21% increase in the Hispanic or Latino population in two decades according to the US Census. The census, however, drastically under counts the number of illegal immigrants living in the United States most of them of Latino and Hispanic origin. Therefore, in a city like Chula Vista, the real population and the percentage of Latinos may be much greater than the official statistics.

By the way, it is not “racist” to cite these demographic stats. They are, after all, collected by the U.S. Government as part of its official census every ten years. What they illustrate is the maxim that for a sovereign nation “demography is destiny.”

When I was very familiar with Chula Vista (roughly between 1985 and 1992), the city had the appearance of a neat, small, traditional American city or town. I visited frequently to shop, to browse, and to enjoy the pleasant surroundings. There was an excellent mall one block east of Interstate 5 anchored by a Broadway department store. (That classic Southern California chain of stores closed down several decades ago.) There was great shopping and browsing along a wide boulevard named Broadway that ran north-south from National City and into Chula Vista. The last time I passed by the city, from the look of it the prolific gang graffiti, the fences topped with razor wire, bars on the windows of most homes, and the decrepit appearance of the area I decided not to get off the freeway for a closer look.

Time passes, and so much that we once took for granted has been lost. The ground has shifted beneath our feet. Here is another story then, and a very sad one – documenting the decay of a once nice and safe American city – that can be read not only in the theoretical but in terms of the reality of a place that one once knew well and liked very much.

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