It seems the media can always find a new excuse as to why the Clintons’ numerous scandals over the years should be overlooked. Tuesday morning, the networks dismissively treated reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be looking into hiring a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s dealings with Uranium One and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, casting blame on Sessions instead. All three networks also characterized the potential investigation as a partisan hack job orchestrated by President Trump against his former election “rival,” instead of against the former Secretary of State.

ABC was the sole network to give a full report to the story, but treated it as Sessions’ problem, not the Clintons, straight from the opening line of the report. “[Jeff Sessions] will be on the hot seat today after revelations overnight he’s asked Justice Department prosecutors to examine the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails despite promises to recuse himself from those matters,” anchor George Stephanopoulos laid the groundwork for correspondent Mary Bruce’s report.

Calling it a “controversy,” Bruce adopted the Democrats rhetoric, suggesting this was a Republican conspiracy against “Trump’s former rival, Hillary Clinton.”

He’s being greeted with a new controversy. Attorney General Jeff Sessions authorizing the Justice Department to consider a special counsel to look into allegations regarding Trump’s former rival, Hillary Clinton. In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee the Justice Department suggests prosecutors would examine allegations that donations to the Clinton Foundation influenced a decision by the Obama Administration to allow a Russian agency to buy the Nuclear One company writing “prosecutors will make recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened or whether any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel.” But after his involvement in the Trump campaign, Sessions pledged to steer clear of Clinton related investigations.