With former Vice President Joe Biden making the rounds on his book tour, many in the media have been fawning over the idea of him running for president in 2020. But during HLN’s S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, the panel had a reality check for all those hoping and praying for Biden to be president.

And the other thing too is, going back to our previous story, in this environment where groping is obviously on the outs, do we really want Joe Biden as a nominee,” wondered Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast.

And with a smirk on her face, host S.E. Cupp quipped “I don’t know what you’re referring to, Matt Lewis.” “Can we roll tape? Maybe not. There’s lots of videotape. He does this — this is not behind closed doors, he’s publicly handsy,” Lewis elaborated.

The jokes aside, Cupp was familiar with Biden’s creepy behavior around women over a wide range of ages:

It is weird. And when you talk about it, it doesn’t sound bad. I watched today a string of these videos. And they are weird, creepy, a little disturbing, and I have to think that you’re right if he actually did run in 2020, we’d see a lot more of it.