The Trump administration is forging ahead with an overhaul of airport security, brushing aside criticism that the president is squandering resources on a border wall while the much-maligned Transportation Security Administrationbungles its job.

They are reworking the no-fly list, deploying more bomb-sniffing K-9s at airports and are on schedule to upgrade carry-on baggage screening to high-tech 3-D imaging machines that could speed up lines and help detect bombs and other weapons.

“That is TSA’s plan to leverage technology in the future to improve security of the American public,” said a senior White House official.

The Trump administration has enhanced the no-fly list by entering more intelligence-sharing agreements with foreign governments. Authorities are also shifting to use of biometric data to better identify terrorist suspects on the list.

A major advancement is underway with installing computed-tomography (CT) machines at airport checkpoints to screen carry-on luggage. The imaging, first developed for medical tests, is leaps and bounds ahead of the X-ray machines currently in use.