Ahead of President Trump’s official announcement on Wednesday that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, Arab American Institute president James Zogby appeared on Tuesday’s Hardball to uncork a series of anti-Israeli tirades against “the Zionist movement” and Trump continually breaking the hearts of Palestinians over Jerusalem.

Zogby was so unhinged by the end of the segment that host Chris Matthews had to inform him that he didn’t “agree with everything you said,” but the two were on the same page at the start as Matthews wondered if the President’s decision was “just cheap politics” or paying off “the evangelical community down in the south.”

Zogby agreed with both, adding that “people across the Arab World and the Muslim world who will be angered and also fearing it” because “Jerusalem is a symbol” that belongs to Muslims (and, presumably, not the Israelis).

“[B]ut it represents to Arabs and Muslims, I think, the wound in the heart that never healed after a century of being manipulated by international players, by the imperial powers and then by the Zionist movement, taking control of this city, locking people out and then finally, the U.S. recognizing it. That is devastating and I think a very irresponsible and dangerous move by the President,” Zogby bemoaned.

Matthews came at the story from the opinion of “everything” in Jerusalem” being “interwinded” with Arabs, Christians, and Jews, but “it works.” Being so firmly pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic over the years (despite his assertions otherwise), that didn’t sit well with Zogby.

“It actually doesn’t, though because here’s the problem. Since Israel built the wall and closed off Jerusalem, you have literally served the heart of Palestine from its people. It’s the metropol. It was the place where people went to shop, where people to school, where people went to hospital, where they went for their social and political events and then it got cut off,” Zogby exclaimed.