Despite the fact that Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp held a lead outside the threshold needed for a runoff (of 50 percent plus one), Democrats and the liberal media were not conceding the state’s gubernatorial election. During CNN’s Election Night in America in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, CNN political analyst April Ryan was in hysterics as she pushed conspiracies of voter suppression, even going so far as to say voting right didn’t exist anymore.

Ryan’s unhinged rambling began when she seemed to blame technical glitches (which occurred across the country) and the local mismanagement of polling locations on some plot hatched by Kemp. “Stacey Abrams was one of those who had to tell people, stay at the polls. There were long lines there was not adequate equipment there. Things were happening,” she hyperventilated.

And when host Don Lemon informed her that Kemp himself had an issue while voting, Ryan dismissed it and claimed without evidence that “the vast majority problems were happening in the black communities.

This does not bode well when your opponent is in charge of the elections process and did not recuse himself,” she warned. “We are now sitting in a time where we are not having voting rights enforced! We don’t have voting rights anymore! It’s gone,” she exclaimed.