Monday, September 27, 2021

Election Fraud Complaint – Michigan

Read it all: Election Fraud Complain - Michigan 11/25/2020 by Douglas Hagmann on Scribd

Sidney Powell Files Lawsuit in Georgia

Election tampering and fraud... read it all: Sidney Powell Georgia Complaint by Douglas Hagmann on Scribd

US Supreme Court Rules Against New York & Cuomo About Religious Gatherings

In a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled against the state of New York and Governor Andrew Cuomo barring the state from imposing...

The Election is Far From Over – Or Our Republic Will Be (11/8/2020)

Lawsuits at the ready. Rudy Guliani discusses.

Massive Election Fraud

Watch. Understand. Share. The Hammer. Scorecard. Dominion.

President Trump Presser on Saturday 11/7/2020 (Complete)

Must Watch full press conference held at the Four Seasons Landscaping Company.

Pennsylvania Election Fraud in 90 Seconds – Jim Jordan

Watch it before the Fascists at YouTube take it down. Download it. Share it. Summed up nicely. This must be overturned.

It will all go according to plan—unless we stop it.

Game-On for the Coup? by Michael Anton  How It’s Done We’ve seen this movie before. This is how they beat Scott Walker in Wisconsin in 2018, Tom...