Sunday, September 27, 2020

DHS Letter to Feckless Communist Appeaser Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

You state in your letter that “here is no place for looting, arson, or vandalism in our city.” Unfortunately, you have failed to back...

The Spies Who Hijacked America

"Yet a few weeks ago, I asked to speak to the DOJ lead investigator John Durham to give his team a heads up. I...


(From July 24, 2020) U.S. Attorney Billy Williams discusses damage, debris outside the federal courthouse in Portland. Courtesy of KGW News

Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs: FBI Fabricated Entire Flynn Charges

All anti-American roads lead directly to Obama. Important information by Sidney Powell.

Breaking: United Nations Orders Trump To Stand Down In Portland

From the article written by Max McGuire - "For over a month, the United Nations has been carrying out a 'human rights investigation' against the...

Q&A: Here’s What Is Happening on the Ground in Portland (Daily Signal)

Source: The Daily Signal "The rioters are premeditated criminals who have been bringing dangerous weapons to the courthouse each night and using them against federal...