On Tuesday, a number of CNN figures swiftly condemned former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama for their silence thus far on the rape and sexual assault allegations against donor, friend, and filmmaker Harvey Weinstein. Among the CNNers were chief political correspondent Dana Bash, who slammed the Obamas during CNN’s Wolf.

Host Wolf Blitzer teed up Bash by noting that “these are shocking allegations” and thus “it’s all extremely awkward for a lot of Democrats who received a lot of money over the years from Harvey Weinstein.”

Bash stated that she believed “Hillary Clinton’s statement [was] pretty strong,” but nonetheless, there’s still something Clinton has to answer for: “The question is whether or not she is going to help gather the — what? $1.4 million that he as what’s known as a bundler helped her campaign over the many years.”

As for the Obamas, Bash didn’t hold anything back:

The other question is where are the Obamas? Where is Michelle Obama? Where is President Obama? I mean, he — Harvey Weinstein was and probably is still a big supporter of them and certainly of their — of their — of the President’s political efforts and if — just let’s just pretend the shoe was on the other foot and this was a Republican, somebody who’s in Hollywood who was a Republican alleged to have done these things and gave to Republican presidents.

Bash continued along the same tone and tenor that a segment on CNN’s New Day stumbled upon, which was how the Obama-led Democrats would be outraged if the parties were reversed.