Longtime CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer pushed back on President Trump’s characterization of his network and others as “fake news” during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, October 9th. Schieffer blasted online media sources like Facebook, arguing that the public needs to understand that only the “mainstream media” vets, and fact-checks before printing or broadcasting their news.

Schieffer’s screed was particularly ironic, considering his own network’s history with it’s evening news anchor pushing out fabricated documents about the then sitting president, George W. Bush.

Schieffer was on The Late Show to promote his new book, Overload, which he said was about “finding the truth” in today’s media landscape. Colbert prodded his guest to explain how the public was “overloaded” with too much information. Schieffer explained that the problem wasn’t with “media bias” but with the veracity of the sources where middle America was getting its news:

SCHIEFFER: Stephen, we’re in the midst of this communication revolution that’s totally changed our culture I think in as profound a way as the invention of the printing press, changed the culture of that day, and nothing has been more affected by all of this than our politics and the way we get our news. We’ve lost 126 newspapers over the last 12 years. One reporter in five now lives in either Washington, New York or Los Angeles. There are people out in the middle of the country. It’s not about biased news, it’s that they’re not getting any news. Their newspaper has gone away. They’re getting most of your news now on Facebook, which is a wonderful thing. It’s a good way to keep up with your neighbors, but, you know, the things that pop up on Facebook have not gone through the same vetting process that you get when you listen to mainstream media or some of the more reliable news sources. There are some good sources out there, but there is also some really bad ones.