Escaping the Flat Earth Society


As we watch with horror at the unfolding of events in these Last Days, I have a reoccurring thought:

You need to escape the lies that blind.

Satan has beguiled so many of us into believing all kinds of foolishness. I know this because not that long ago, I had to get rid of some of the foolishness that I was holding as truth. And, I call all such believers in foolishness as:

Flat Earther

That’s right. If you believe in a Jewish conspiracy, you are a ‘Flat Earther’. If you believe that WTC Building 7 fell due to 9/11 terrorism, then you are a ‘Flat Earther’. If you believe that Islam worships that same god as Christianity, then yes, you are a ‘Flat Earther’. And, if you believe that the Earth is flat…


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Escaping the Flat Earth Society

I don’t have much time to watch/listen to video and audio interviews. Teaching two Bible classes, finishing the edit for Ezekiel’s Fire and doing research for these articles… well …it leaves me little time to be spending time to listen to ANYTHING. And yes, that includes the long-suffering woman who agreed to marry me not that many years ago.

Flat Earth Conspiracy Debate

But, a video kept popping up around those few interviews that I was able to watch, and it kept niggling at me… until I caved in and decided to watch it:

The Flat Earth Conspiracy Debate! Yes, Really.

YouTube shortlink:

I really like Stefan Molyneux. He is a man of integrity, and he treats people with respect.

Unfortunately, he’s an Atheist, which means that he’s on the road to eternal suffering, and I would love to spare him that. And, as an Atheist, he is limited in his ability to see what’s really happening. But, Stefan’s Atheism is not the point here.

The Flat Earth Conspiracy is the point.


As heard on The Hagmann Report