EXCLUSIVE: On Thursday, July 12, Eric Bolling’s new political TV show AmERICa moves to its permanent home in the Nation’s Capital. The program, which premiered on Internet streaming channel CRTV on July 4th, spent its first week broadcasting live as a bus took Bolling and his crew to several cities in the Southeast U.S. The signing of Bolling last May to “ad-free, censor-free” CRTV – Conservative Review Television – is expected to pump the ratings for the alternative news and opinion channel that also features channel founder Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, and a number of other conservative stalwarts.

The growth in prominence of Internet channels like CRTV (some of which eventually expand to cable and satellite) is a sign that alternatives to traditional television are coming into their own. Recent studies have confirmed the fact that cable and satellite subscriptions have plateaued and in some cases are declining as more and more Americans “cut the cord.” Many younger Americans never embraced the cord to begin with, preferring to watch TV on the Internet via their smart phones. Reasons for this audience flight are many, including the excessive and intrusive commercials on the three major cable news channels and their lack of fairness and objectivity. The exception, Fox News, is also wasting a lot of its airtime on loony progressives.

The return to a hosting role on daily television is good news for Bolling, who couldn’t be more enthused about his new project. For ten years, he was a prominent on-air presence on the Fox Business Network and the Fox News Channel. On the latter, he co-hosted – he was really the glue that held the program together – the successful late afternoon chat show The Five from its premiere in July 2011 until May 1, 2017. On that day, FNC programmers moved The Five to prime time and gave Bolling a co-hosting role on a new, ill-advised program called The Specialists in The Five’s 5 P.M. E.T. time slot. They should have given Bolling his own show. The Specialists ended its run after slightly more than four months and left the Fox News schedule in early September.

Bolling is a New York Times bestselling author; his latest book is The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It. Before embarking on a television career, Bolling was a successful commodities trader on Wall Street.

In August 2017, a 900-word article in the left wing Huffington Post, citing no sources, alleged that Bolling at some point years earlier had sent an offensive text message to several female colleagues. In the wake of the removal from Fox News of its co-founder and guiding hand Roger Ailes in 2016, and its #1 on-air host Bill O’Reilly in April 2017, the timing for Bolling was very bad. He was immediately suspended and, despite pledging to fight the charges, one month later he and Fox News, according to the channel, had an “amicable separation” and Bolling left FNC. I wrote a half dozen articles about this development at the time. Even a liberal should have been concerned about how the whole thing went down – one article, with no sources, no quotes, and no evidence – and a man’s career at his employer of a decade where he excelled is over. Say wha’?

At this point, there may still be litigation pending about the whole affair.

Later the same day that Bolling separated from Fox News, a tragedy of unbelievable proportions occurred when Bolling’s and his wife Adrienne’s only child, Eric Chase Bolling, Jr., 19, was found dead in Colorado where he had just started his second year of college. His death was later officially ruled to be an accident due to an opiod overdose.

In the months that followed, Eric Bolling, Sr. devoted himself to calling attention to the looming opiod crisis in in the United States that is taking the lives of 60,000 Americans annually, many of them young people. He made himself accessible, including to other parents and relatives of people who died from opiates, on Twiter, as well as in print interviews and in the media. He even reached far across the aisle and into the lion’s den, CNN, where he told his story to Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources. Bolling also told me in an email on July 11 that he appeared “4 times recently on [MSNBC’s] Morning Joe and likely [will] become fairly regular” there. He credits host Joe Scarborough with being “a catalyst to some massive opioid awareness.” Bolling has also also met several times with his friend President Donald Trump in the White House to advocate for a stronger federal policy to deal with the issues around the opiod crisis. In the aftermath of Eric Chase Bolling, Jr.’s death, the POTUS publicly and privately offered his condolences and support to Eric and Adrienne.

Eric and Adrienne Bolling at NASCAR, Daytona Beach, FL July 7, 2018 during a break in the CRTV Bolling Bus Tour. Original caption on Twitter: “What an amazing day with even more amazing people. My beautiful wife and I thoroughly enjoyed a great American tradition”

Fast forward almost one year later now after Bolling’s exit from Fox News. Clearly, he is chomping at the bit at his opportunity to host a brand new program that highlights his extensive talents. On his Twitter account, Bolling’s enthusiam is palpable. On July 5, in response to an avalanche of praise for his CRTV program’s premiere on July 4th, he tweeted:

I’m thrilled to be back where I belong. Thank y’all so much for remaining such loyal friends. All I want to do is shed a light on the Swamp and expose the truth. Tall order but… I’m your guy.

And we’re thrilled to have you back, Eric. God Bless you and Adrienne and best wishes for a great success on CRTV – and maybe beyond?

Note: On Thursday, July 12, 2018, Eric Bolling’s AmERICa is premiering from its permanent base on CRTV weekdays in D.C. On July 11, Bolling tweeted:

ALERT!! Come see @CLewandowski_ and @LizMatory -> the Dem turned GOP who is looking to unseat a Democrat in US Congress MD-2 (Baltimore).

#AMericA launch party from the Washington Court Hotel Lobby bar (our permanent location). Open bar and a live tv show simultaneously!

A short time later, he added:

Psst: The open bar starts at 4:45pET and will go ‘til 6pET. And come “camera-ready”!

Eric Bolling has over one million followers on Twitter. There could be a sizable crowd on hand to help welcome him back.

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