“This is going to be the grooming of the next generation,” boasts drag queen Dylan Pontiff. “We are trying to groom the next generation.”

Mr. Pontiff (aka Santana Pilar Andrews in his drag persona) is part of a new subversion/perversion assault wave of transvestite militants from New York and San Francisco foisting themselves on Middle America because, they say, there is a “need for more queer programming for children.” And with help from the American Library Association and “progressive” public school administrators, the glittery queens are determined to reach your kids with this desperately needed “grooming” and “queer programming.”

“Drag Queen Story Hour” is the current modus operandi for spreading this particular LGBTQ “lifestyle” to the culturally deprived hinterlands. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you soon will, as it has been spreading rapidly across the country. The first inkling most of us got that something along these lines was coming was the shocking story that broke in 2017 in Long Beach, California, with the Drag Queen Story Hour at the Michelle Obama Public Library. What was especially appalling about the Long Beach event was that the drag queen looked absolutely satanic, with five long, red-tipped horns protruding from his head. (See photo below). What young child would not be terrified, confused, and traumatized by such a confrontation that would give even many adults nightmares?

On February 20, BBC News featured a story entitled “Drag queen story hour in America’s Bible Belt” that focused on the controversy over the performance of five drag queens for a children’s story hour at the public library in Greenville, South Carolina. While containing a few obligatory quotes from opponents (for “balance,” of course), the BBC piece was obviously crafted to celebrate this effort by cultural elites to enlighten the backward booboisie of small town and rural America.