On The Hagmann Report, Friday October 5, 2018 for two whole hours live – 8-10 PM EDT – Peter Barry Chowka will turn the tables on Doug and Joe Hagmann and interview them about their lives and work as licensed private investigators and the creators and hosts of The Hagmann Report.

It’s a program that has been over seven years in the making: The Peter Barry Chowka Interview with Doug and Joe Hagmann about the stories behind the story of The Hagmann Report. Don’t miss it!

Viewers and listeners who have a question they would like me to ask Doug and Joe, feel free to submit it to me via email and I will consider it. My email address for the Hagmann Report audience is:

[email protected]

As usual, audio and video podcasts of Friday night’s program will be posted after it airs.

As the interviewer, I – Peter Barry Chowka – can’t wait!

Peter is an author, journalist, media analyst and commentator on a wide range of issues including national politics, health care, media and popular culture. He has over four decades of experience reporting for a variety of publications and media. Since May 2017, Peter has written over 200 articles for American Thinker and his work has also appeared in several other major publications. Peter has also contributed feature articles to The Epoch Times.