By Douglas J. Hagmann

5 October 2012: A letter sent to Ambassador Susan Rice by four-(4) U.S. Senators, dated September 25, 2012 challenged the veracity of her public statements about the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Libya on September 11, 2012 during her appearance on the September 16, 2012 Sunday morning talk show circuit. The letter requested a “timely response” to the question of how she could not have known by that late date that the Benghazi attack was an orchestrated attack and not a “spontaneous reaction” to an obscure video.

On Sunday, September 16, 2012, I watched Ambassador Susan E. Rice as she appeared live on Fox News Sunday. Having personally monitored the open source information about the orchestration of the attack that had already been made public by intelligence officials, I was dismayed at Ms. Rice’s insistence that the murders were a result of hostility fomented by a video of limited dissemination and interest to the community of Islamic jihad. I was not alone.

Following a video clip of White House Press Secretary from Friday, September 14 who also laid the blame for the murders squarely on the YouTube video, Chris Wallace asked Rice, “You don’t really believe that?”

Rice responded:

Chris, absolutely I believe that. Because, in fact, it is the case. We had the evolution of the Arab Spring over the last many months but what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the Internet of a very hateful very offensive video that has offended many people around the world. Now, our strong view is that there is no excuse for violence. It is reprehensible and never justified. But in fact there have been those in various parts of the world who have reacted with violence. Their governments have increasingly and effectively responded and protected our facilities and condemned the violence and this outrageous response to what is an offensive video. But there is no question what we have seen in the past with things like Satanic Verses and cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad there have been such things that have sparked outrage and anger and this has been the proximate cause.”

Now, over three weeks after that terrorist act and nine days after the Senator’s written request, Ms. Rice replied to the Senators’ letter with a three-page response dated October 4, 2012. At least two-thirds of her reply consisted of strong reassertion that her statements were based on the best information she had at the time. Ambassador Rice continued to deny that she had any information to the contrary, and assured the senators that the matter remained under investigation.

It would appear that the public responses made by Ambassador Susan E. Rice on September 16, 2012, as well as her response to the four U.S. Senators exhibits either complete incompetence or a deliberate attempt to hide the truth behind the attack by order of Barack Hussein Obama. Based on my investigation as detailed on this web site and on Canada Free Press, I believe it is the latter. A detailed explanation of why Ambassador Rice continues to mislead congress and the American public, rooted in analysis of the Libya theater of operation,  is forthcoming.

Copy of letter to Ambassador Rice (Click HERE – opens in new tab/window)

Copy of response by Ambassador Susan E. Rice (Click HERE for PDF file – opens in new window)

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