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SHOW NOTES: This week will be looked upon in history as the most defining time for our Republic since the Civil War. What transpires over the next nine days will determine whether we survive as a Constitutional Republic or succumb to the Communist authoritarianism of the “Global Elite.” The fate of our nation is up to us.

Article: Exposing Those Who Control our Nation (3-minute read)


Jim Caviezel on Ronald Reagan and Freedom (Sticky)

  1. National Guard: 40 sec – truck stop in Alabama: https://youtu.be/BFQDxsFVPfA
  2. National Guard to DC (VA): https://youtu.be/mHHEIL3k0wU NOTE: START AT 1:25
  3. National Guard TWITTER (NJ): https://twitter.com/News24Wide/status/1348546867542462468 1:28

4. Black Panthers armed at US Capitol – 50 years ago: https://capitolweekly.net/black-panthers-armed-capitol/

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