The government and their record number or regulations is now targeting the makers of an important yet abused drug that kills pain.  There is a huge problem with pain killer abuse and its a big problem, but like most things important the good far out weights the bad.  if doctors and patients created an accountability program it would stop a large majority of the problem. No matter what this is another encroachment upon the freedoms of the American people and it will only become more intrusive.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) doubled down Thursday on his promise to go after companies that produce opioids, vowing to shut them down.

That would apparently include a company run by his daughter.  Manchin said in an interview with CNN that he didn’t know if Mylan Pharmaceuticals, where his daughter Heather Bresch is CEO, produces opioids. But he said if that’s the case, he would take action.

“The bottom line is, she knows I’m ‘hot to trot’ on opioids. I don’t even know if they make opioids. If they make opioids, I’d shut everybody down,” Manchin said.

As heard on The Hagmann Report