Trust the plan? What plan? Take these allegations as an example of misinformation or deliberate disinformation:

    • Trump is going to re-emerge as POTUS and save us?
    • The military is waiting for Trump to activate them and overthrow the current administration?
    • The military has hidden the Air Force One Jets (tail numbers 28000 and 29000) from Biden.
    • The military hasn’t turned the Nuclear Footballs over to The Biden regime.

Each one of these allegations are completely incorrect and if you believe these, you are a huge part of the problem. This is exactly why we are in the position we are in as a country. Complacency, laziness, slothfulness.

Complacency and laziness. Which is also referred to as SLOTHFULNESS, which is one of the seven deadly sins described in the Bible. Yeah, I called you out on it if you buy into any of the things I’ve outlined above and you’re sitting around waiting for Superman or his mortal equivalent to appear and save us. God has called you out on this.

Let’s examine each one of these claims a little more carefully.

    • Trust the Plan. It is actually amusing that any adult would buy into this “Q” conspiracy theory that everything that was happening was part of an elaborate plan and that President Trump was operating under this plan. Combined with Voter Fraud, this cost us the Presidency. Barr, Durham, we’re supposedly part of the plan too. Pizzagate, although real in many respects, was misrepresented and perpetuated by Q followers. It nearly turned into a bloody disaster when a man name Welch walked into a DC Pizzeria armed with an AR-15. Additionally, “Q” has yet to post anything since the election. Nothing. Nada.
    • Trump is going to re-emerge as POTUS and save us. Once again, pretty amusing that any adult would buy into this. President Trump had ample opportunity after November 3, 2020 up to January 20th at 11:59 am to activate the military, seize voting machines, arrest traitors to the country and Constitution, yet did nothing. And people think suddenly he’s going to activate a military who is cowering in fear, who loves the left because we are now again aggressively attacking Syria. I like Donald Trump, and I will vote for him and I would work for him if asked, but unless he’s elected, he will never sit in the Oval Office again. Hard reality people.
    • The military is waiting for Trump to activate them and overthrow the current administration. First, he doesn’t have the authority. He knows this, the JCS know this and every officer in the Armed Forces know this. It’s not going to happen. If the crooked FBI, NSA, CIA, MI, DIA even caught wind of this, Trump would be arrested, even with little to no proof. Trumps Mara Lago office and phones are under surveillance exactly to detect such things. Remember, coups are generally bloody, and Trump will not spill blood.
    • The military has hidden the Air Force One planes (tail numbers 28000 and 29000) from Biden. Not true. The planes with those two tail numbers are at Andrews AFB and are currently being used by the Biden administration. They are 82-8000 “SAM 28000” and 92-9000 “SAM 29000”. The two planes 747-8 airliners (VC25-B) that are being modified to the tune of $5.3 billion dollars are both currently located at Boeing’s San Antonio Texas Facility. The tail numbers are 30000 and 31000.
    • The military haven’t turned over the Nuclear Footballs to the Biden Administration. More rubbish. Both Air Force One and the one of three nuclear footballs were returned to Andrews AFB on the afternoon of 20 January, 2021. There are three nuclear footballs which are currently with Biden, Harris and one at the White House (always). There have been numerous photographs since the inauguration of the assigned military aide carrying the case. This photograph is from February 16, 2021 with a military aide, carrying the nuclear football accompanying Biden to Marine One at the White House.

What no one seems to have considered is that this entire “Q” phenomenon and this Trust the Plan may well have been strategically played by the left to do exactly what it did. Complacency and inaction by a huge chunk of the Conservative base in this country. In addition, it discredited untold thousands simply through the fact that grown adults were naive enough to subscribe to this unsubstantiated foolishness. It really made our party look like a bunch of idiots.

I’m trying to picture our founding fathers buying into some BS like these things I’ve described. What if they had just sat around waiting for someone to save us from the tyranny of the British.

The forensics of what has happened are complete. It’s time for action. Now.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.




As heard on The Hagmann Report