Tonight at 7:00pm EST Hagmann Report Host, Douglas J Hagmann along with his son and cohost, Joe Hagmann welcome Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show on board to deliver a tag team analysis of the madness that is Crazy Town, USA.

You are all invited around the table as the investigative prowess of three frontline media veterans examine: Pizzagate, the real-time blowback that many of our citizen journalists are facing from the corporate social media shills, deleted YouTube videos, threats to take down channels and the Twitter ban on all pizza gate hash tags.  Question: when was the “fake news” meme created?  Was there a smoke filled pizza party where the likes of Tony and John Podesta carefully crafted the “fake news” defense?  Perhaps a defense against allegations that were likely to surface if Hillary Clinton lost the election?  Could “fake news” be a quick reaction narrative designed specifically to trivialize, marginalize and even malign outlets like Infowars, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report and The Common Sense Show?  If there is validity to these questions, the DNC and MSM operatives pushing the “fake news” agenda better be praying to their Luciferian master that it works; a Trump Department of Justice is likely to point both barrels of Executive Branch authority at child traffickers and pedophiles and squeeze the judicial trigger until the allegations explode into  indictments.  Bottom line: is “fake news” the Twinkie defense that these reprobate kiddie rapists hope keeps them out of handcuffs and a concrete box?

Be sure to join us at precisely 7:00pm as we apply common sense to the multifaceted horror show that is Pizzagate…unless you are on Twitter, in which case there is no crime, no cover-up and certainly no hash tags.

Hours two and three, the Hagmann Report engages Andrew Kerr, Founder and Senior Editor of The Citizen Audit.  Topics to be covered: who is David Brock?  What is his relationship to Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis, the 49th most powerful man in DC? Is David Brock connected to the Pizzagate allegations?  And how does Brock account for definitive paper trails that prove he accepted large seven figure donations from Democratic super PACs, disseminated said funds across as many as five nonprofits and NGOs and how does this dubious activity tie directly back to The Clinton Foundation.

Doug and Joe are the first to tell you what any investigator learns on their first day of work, to follow…the what?  Follow the money!  And that is exactly what we plan to do.  Where do these financial resources lead?  To Haiti?  The City of London?  The “walk-in cooler” at Comet Ping Pong (and pizza)?  Perhaps all of these?  Or maybe it all leads right back to suspected pervert and current occupant of The Rainbow House, phony-baloney “president” Barack (Barry) Hussein (Sotero) Obama?  Stick with us until the end this evening, folks, as we pour some serious lie detection talent into this overriding question: did “President” Barry’s $65,000 of pizza and hotdogs arrive from Chicago?  And if so, how did the specifiaclly requested “same waitresses” deliver these foodstuffs when there is a long standing Secret Service security policy prohibiting any delivery of consumable foodstuffs onto the White House (Rainbow) grounds?

Join us this evening at 7:00pm at the Hagmann Report and plan on staying with us well into the evening because if you miss the puzzle pieces that the Hagmanns, Dave Hodges and Andrew Kerr lay out tonight, you will never see the complete picture that is the most heinous threat against the worlds’ children in the history of modern humanity.  No one can navigate these serpentine avenues alone but perhaps together, tonight, we can all find one end of the truth and follow it.

As heard on The Hagmann Report