Throughout the morning on Friday, CNN repeatedly tied the mosque shooting in New Zealand to President Trump. This type of coverage continued well into the primetime hours; with guests on Anderson Cooper 360comparing President Trump to a white supremacist as well as the shooter that killed dozens of Muslims in New Zealand.

Reporting from the White House, Jim Acosta talked about how Kellyanne Conway was “urging reporters to read the entire manifesto and that there were parts of the manifesto that said that this killer was an ecoterrorist” before complaining that she was “looking past the language in this manifesto that was describing the President as…sort of a hero to people who identify with their white heritage.”

Acosta continued: “what was also striking, Anderson, in that manifesto, was that the killer was using terms like ‘invaders’ and ‘invasion’ when talking about immigration and the immigration issue; almost the same kind of language that the President was using earlier today when he was vetoing that legislation up on Capitol Hill.

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As heard on The Hagmann Report