CNN Health published an article on Wednesday titled “Before judging ‘late-term abortion,’ understand what it means, doctors say.” This article hardly qualifies as balanced, if for no other reason than the doctors author Jessica Ravitz chose to interview. One doctor interviewed by Ravitz demonized opponents of late-term abortion as “anti-abortion extremists.” Fox News’s Laura Ingraham discussed the article on her show, The Ingraham Angle, Wednesday night; and invited a pro-life doctor on her show “since CNN wasn’t interested in an opposing view.”

One of the doctors interviewed by Ravitz, Jennifer Conti, works for an advocacy group titled “Physicians for Reproductive Health” and co-hosts a podcast called “The V Word.” Not surprisingly, Conti described the phrase “Late term” as an “invention of anti-abortion extremists to confuse, mislead, and increase stigma.” Conti also described “gestational age limits” as “ideologically motivated and not based in science” and complained that “your right to an abortion is now absolutely based on the accident of your ZIP code.”

The other doctor quoted in the article, Barbara Levy, serves as Vice President of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; which “opposes undue interference of politics in medicine,” according to the article. Perhaps Levy should direct her opposition to “undue interference of politics in medicine” towards her fellow interviewee Dr. Conti, since the term “anti-abortion extremists” comes across as quite political.