In response to a series of false and defamatory allegations published (and republished by others) against Plaintiffs Douglas J. Hagmann, Stephen Quayle, Russ Dizdar and Craig Sawyer, civil action has been filed against Daniel John LEE of Juneau, Alaska. In the interest of full transparency, and on behalf of the Plaintiffs, through their attorney Thomas Condit, furnish the actual public court record below. The Plaintiffs thank their supporters for their continued belief and trust in us, as we individually and collectively work to identify, investigate, and pursue, in conjunction with law enforcement, individuals and groups dedicated to eradicating the crimes against human/child trafficking.

Court of Common Pleas, Stark County Ohio – Hagmann, Quayle, Dizdar, Sawyer v. Daniel John Lee by Douglas Hagmann on Scribd

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Douglas J. Hagmann
Douglas J. Hagmann has been a licensed investigator in the private sector for the last 30 years. As a private detective, Hagmann has worked well over 5,000 cases and is recognized as a surveillance specialist. He has worked as an informational and operational asset for various federal and state law enforcement agencies. Doug Hagmann now hosts a popular radio and video talk show each weeknight from 7:00-10:00 PM ET on the Global Star Radio Network and simulcast on YouTube and other venues.