City Of Lights In The Year of Light: All Things Paris

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11

Paris hosts the UN Climate Change Conference on 11/30 in the same city that experienced horrific events on 11/13, the IMF announces it will include the Chinese yuan as a reserve currency. What connects Lima 2015 and Paris 2015? Well, it’s the 11’s naturally. As much as I’d like to stop talking about elevens it appears they just will not go away.

For those who have been following much of this will be a review and I am not going to speculate or arrive at any conclusion here. I simply want to create an exhaustive list of all the 11’s we have seen thus far with the inclusion of those which most recently surfaced. At the end of this post I will provide and update list of 11’s, I’m sure many will identify those I’ve missed which I will add once it’s pointed out.


The interwoven pieces of this prophetic tapestry are intersecting at an exponential rate. It is not my intent that anyone misses the larger picture and in the near future I hope to put together a video to tie this together. Specifically in this post we are looking at France, namely Paris. Paris and the US are prophetically interlocked as they were during America’s founding. In no way are the numbers revealed here by accident. As the world elite are making decisions to further the Luciferian agenda, we see the spiritual manifesting in the physical. Hiding in plain sight has always been the mantra. Hiding? Not so much.

The IMF Decision And Paris Are Connected


#11 = Chaos, disorder and judgment. 11 falls short of 12, which is God’s government and order. We see 11’s manifesting everywhere, just as man’s government will make a push for their perfection just prior to the completion of the age. 11 will turn into 12, but first these things must come to pass.

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Lima 2015 IMF World Bank Group Oct. 9-11
Concludes on 11th, 2 days – 2+9 = 11
Held in Banco de la Nacion tower, Peru’s tallest building 452 feet (4+5+2=11).

UN Climate Change Conference – begins on the last day of month 11, just before 11 turns to 12.
Concludes on December 11
Lasts 11 days
CMP 11

Let’s recap a few things. The Paris attacks were 311 days from the Charlie Hebdo massacre where 11 died and 11 were injured. In the Paris attacks 11/13 mixed with Hebdo we had a total of 11 elevens. But what few people realize is that this all began with Hebdo on 11/3/11 when they were presumably going to change their name to “Charia Hebdo” with Muhammed listed as “editor in chief”. In this same year on 3/11/11 is when Fukushima Fuked the world (as in nuked – see what I did there?). That’s called a “double entendre”, the fact it’s a French pronunciation is as much a coincidence as is the name of town in Japan that is puking radioactive material over the entire planet.

If you would like to look at previous posts on 11 they are listed along with my interview with Hagmann and Hagmann where we touched on it.

The Two Weirdest Speeches In Modern History By Two French People Both Point To Paris

It is not coincidence that in the year Pope Francis begins his work on the Babel religion and his name means “Frenchman” or one from France, major world events seem to be pointing to France. From the Paris attacks to the UN Climate Conference. You may recall the bizarre numerology speech given by IMF chair Christine Lagarde in 2014 or the “500 days to global climate chaos” speech by French Foreign Minister also in 2014. These were deliberately timed, below is the proof.


Christine Lagarde born 1 January 1956 (age 59)
Paris, France

Laurent Fabius born 20 August 1946 (age 69)
Paris, France

Born 3422 days apart or (3+4+2+2 =11).

Lagarde is 59 and Fabius 69. Add the numbers 14 and 15 = 29 (2+9=11)*

*Thanks Timothy great find

Lagarde speech 684 = 18 or 666 before 11/30/15
566 days before 11/30/15
Lagarde speech 667 days from 11/13/15
“Climate Chaos” speech 549 = 18 or 666 days before 11/13/15

When we take 566 + 667 we can see another 666 by taking the 7 and 5 separately and their midpoint.

Or put another way, we can add the 7+5 and get 12 to see 6 and 6 which would complete the two and make it 666 and 666.

The City of Lights In The Year of Light

Paris is the city of lights, it’s interesting in the year of light (Anno Lucis) or the year of Lucifer it keeps coming back to Paris. The day leading up to the climate conference you can see protestors sporting angel wings dancing around the streets of Paris. What is going on here? Either everything is a coincidence or nothing is, I see no middle ground here. Paris is often referred to as “The City of Light” (La Ville Lumière), both because of its leading role during the Age of Enlightenment, and more literally because Paris was one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting. In the 1860s, the boulevards and streets of Paris were illuminated by 56,000 (11) gas lamps.
The two Air France flights diverted on 11/17 had a clear prophetic message. Much can be learned about the intimate relationship with France and America as the founding of America was birthed out of the alliance of these two countries.


As we approach the end of America, it is no coincidence that the interwoven tapestry again ties the two countries together through seemingly independent events. The engraver Henry Wolf, who came to America from Eckwersheim, France just 15 years ahead of the Statue of Liberty was just 6km away from the train crash which killed 11 the day after the Paris attacks.



As heard on The Hagmann Report
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