Does giving us the option to murder our children really empower us? 

Last weeks abortion legislation has revealed pivotal things about our culture, and it is high time we faced them. Our culture has taken a turn decidedly towards death, and the most innocent among us are paying for it with their lives.

This struck me hauntingly last week, when I saw a viral video of a woman from my home state of Virginia. This woman – Democratic Delegate Kathy Tran, stood before a committee and acknowledged that she wants abortions to be permitted up to 40 weeks.  Even worse; when asked whether a baby could be aborted even as the mother was giving birth, Tran said her bill would allow it.

And that is not all. Only a few days prior, New York Governor Cuomo signed even more radical legislation allowing babies  to be killed even after birth.

Think about that. If a woman is in labor, her baby is moments away from birth, fully and beautifully formed, and completely capable of pain. Yet  Kathy Tran and Governor Cuomo want women to have the right to kill that baby as it is pushing its way into the world.

Cuomo claims he is doing this for the future of women, saving us from the possibility of an end to Roe vs. Wade.

As heard on The Hagmann Report