Fox News’ excellent four-part documentary series about the scandal that engulfed Massachusetts Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy in 1969, known as the Chappaquiddick affair, and its aftermath – forever changing the American political landscape – continues on Sunday Dec 16 at 8 PM ET/PT with part three, titled “His Turn.”

The four parts, an hour long each, represent season two of the ongoing series Scandalous, the first season of which ran on Fox News last winter and covered the scandals of Bill and Hillary Clinton culminating in the 42nd president’s impeachment trial in the US Senate in 1999.

Scandalous – seasons one and two – represents documentary film making at its best. The programs are not only bringing important past events into a clearer focus benefiting from 20/20 hindsight and new research, they are putting important new information on the record in the form of exclusive interviews with many of the principals.

In short, Scandalous is must-see TV.

On Dec 13, Fox News emailed a news release with a description of Scandalous season two episode three including links to some video clips from the program.


FOX News Channel’s (FNC) docu-series Scandalous: Chappaquiddick continues with episode three entitled, “His Turn” on Sunday, December 16th at 8PM/ET. With the investigation into the death of campaign strategist Mary Jo Kopechne behind him, Senator Ted Kennedy pushes through the controversy and eyes a potential run for the presidency. However, former President Richard Nixon uses Chappaquiddick as a weapon to keep Kennedy at bay, but is soon crippled by a scandal of his own, the break-in at the Watergate hotel. Kennedy’s decision to make a run for the White House causes the media to dig back into the accident at Chappaquiddick, raising even more questions than ever. An extended director’s cut version containing additional footage and longer guest interviews will be available on FOX Nation, Sunday at 8:05PM/ET. **Please see below for advanced clips.

Clip 1:

Narrator: “In the early morning hours of June 17th, 1972, five men were arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters at Washington, D.C’s Watergate Hotel. But during the summer and fall of 1972, as the scandal rippled across the country, no connection had yet been made between the break-in and President Nixon. Aided by a strong economy and the potential for peace in Vietnam, Richard Nixon was soundly reelected, crushing Democrat George McGovern in a landslide. The election featured one of the lowest turnouts in American history, particularly among Democrats.”

Michael Graham, Columnist for the Boston Herald: “If the American left had had a popular figure who could present that call for progress in a mainstream way, say with a brand name that people knew and were comfortable with, like Kennedy, as opposed to say a little known senator from South Dakota named George McGovern who no one expected to be the nominee. If instead of a wounded Ted Kennedy with the legacy of Chappaquiddick it had been Ted Kennedy at the top of his game with all of the assets of the Kennedy clan and all the media behind him, 1972 could have been a very different election.”

Clip 2:

Narrator: “As the calendar flipped to 1980, the Kennedy campaign felt good about their first test on the road to the White House – the Iowa Caucus…But the momentum would not last long. As the primary season approached, polls found Kennedy’s popularity in decline. The reason most respondents cited for their lack of enthusiasm? Chappaquiddick.”

Former NBC News Reporter Liz Trotta: “You know, this was an East Coast family with an East Coast following in the media and you know, I think we often forget it’s a huge country. You get beyond New York and in between there’s a lot of people that didn’t forget he had gone off a bridge with a young lady and never told the truth about it.”

Clip 3:

Narrator: “500 miles away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, residents of Chappaquiddick Island were still dealing with the aftermath of the accident at Dike Bridge more than a decade earlier. Tourists flocked to the 81 foot long wooden  bridge, hoping to catch a glimpse of the place that may have changed the political landscape and the United States forever.”

Steve Ewing, former Chappaquiddick ferry operator: “One more reason for people to come –  to see the place where it was kind of the beginning of the end that dynasty.”

Jerry Grant, former Chappaquiddick ferry owner: “So many people were cutting up the bridge, taking pieces of it. And actually I saw a piece of it on a cash register in Florida. I said to the guy, ‘That’s Chappaquiddick bridge, right?’ and he said ‘Yeah, how’d you know?’ and I said ‘I recognize it.’”

Narrator: “With Chappaquiddick now a synonym for political scandal, the legacy of the once quaint summer destination island had quickly, and permanently, changed.”

What: Scandalous: Chappaquiddick

Where: FOX News Channel

When: Sunday, December 16th at 8PM/ET and PT


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