Today, Butte County health officials are establishing a the legal predicate to stop residents of Paradise, CA , and surrounding region, from returning to live on their property following the devastating “Camp Fire” wildfire.  The framework surrounds a regional “health advisory”; however, the objective appears to be blocking anyone from returning to live on their property for an undetermined period of time.

This type of big-government intervention is concerning for a myriad of reasons and could likely spur even more people to begin questioning motives

Butte County – Dr. Andy Miller, Butte County Health Officer, has issued a hazard advisory strongly suggesting no habitation of destroyed property until property is declared clear of hazardous waste and structural ash and debris by Butte County Environmental Health.

There is evidence from recent fires in California that homes and property destroyed by fire contain high and concerning levels of heavy metals, lead, mercury, dioxin, arsenic, and other carcinogens. Some property may have the presence of radio-active materials. Exposure to hazardous substances may lead to acute and chronic health effects, and may cause long-term public health and environmental impacts.

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