Bake the cake, bigot.

A new PRRI survey found that a majority of Americans, a stunning 61%, believe businesses should not be allowed to refuse services or products to gay people based on religious grounds. So, for example, if a religious baker is asked by a gay couple to bake their wedding cake, that baker, despite their religious objections, should be forced to provide the cake or face the consequences of the government.

“Only half (50%) of white evangelical Protestants and fewer than half of Mormons (42%), Hispanic Protestants (34%), black Protestants (25%), and Jehovah’s Witnesses (25%) believe small business owners should be granted permission to refuse services to gay and lesbian people,” the survey found.

A frightening amount of support for the infringement of the First Amendment, indeed.

PRRI’s 2016 American Values Atlas findings were based on roughly 40,000 people from across all 50 states, interviewed on issues concerning religiously-based service refusal, as well as sex-same marriage, among other topics.

“For the first time in a PRRI poll of this size, no major religious group reports majority support for religiously based service refusals of gay and lesbian Americans,” said PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones.