Instead of the Living Water of God’s Word, Kool Aide is served to the congregants of the modern church.

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17 KJV

Today, many Christians are lamenting the “supreme” act of defiance against almighty God, as the U.S. Supreme Court brazenly redefined a holy covenant clearly and explicitly defined by God Himself, the blessed union between a man and a woman. This follows the same spirit of depravity and carnal hubris of the same judicial body that declared that the wholesale slaughter of millions of unborn children is a right of all Americans in Roe v. Wade a generation ago.

 Many Christians are now asking how we got here, to this point in our history, where persecution for our beliefs are rapidly becoming reality in a nation that once enjoyed God’s blessings and favor. How is it possible that the very foundations upon which our nation was built have been shaken and torn asunder? Why do we find ourselves preparing for persecution instead of being embraced by God’s blessings and favor which He once bestowed upon His people?

For many Christians, the answer is as unpleasant and distressing as the question. This ground of depraved indifference and carnal hubris that has enveloped the leadership of our nation was first made fertile within the walls of the modern church. The soil in which the growing vines of compromised teachings has been moistened not by the undiluted living water offered within the Words of Jesus Christ, but by a corrupted form deficient of the necessary nutrients that only God can provide. This is obvious by the fruit rotting and falling from the vine, rather than producing the robust harvest God intended and so desired.

Stated differently, for too long, congregants of the modern Christian church have been provided a steady offering of Kool Aide from the pulpits rather than the water of life from a living God. Like any diet devoid of ingredients critical for life, we have become even more parched in body and spirit despite the amount we’ve consumed.

Our servers behind the pulpits, those we’ve entrusted to bring us proper and necessary nourishment, have instead, like wolves, fattened us up like sheep for the slaughter. And through our carnal desires, we have readily embraced the variety of colors, become enamored and seduced by the variety of flavors, and delighted in the artificial sweetness while being convinced that what we’ve been receiving is as good as the water from the Living God.

The modern church headed by wolves in sheep’s clothing, have deceptively convinced many to choose the carnally colorful and sweet over the spiritually fulfilling as it is easier and more palatable in today’s climate.

After imbibing on this steady diet that has satisfied only our carnal beings, we must ask ourselves: from which cup will we drink? We must not be seduced by the deceptive sweetness and acceptance of the Kool Aide, the availability and popularity of which will increase exponentially while the drought conditions of the water of truthfulness and salvation from our Living God visibly worsens.

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As heard on The Hagmann Report