“Tomorrow will look a lot different, and tomorrow is very close.”   Benjamin Netanyahu

Monday January 16, 2016

Tonight on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report….

The Jerusalem Post alerted mobile devices worldwide with the following “Paris conference ends with endorsement of two-state solution.” What does this mean as we eagerly chalk off the days until The Clown Car-In-Chief leaves office and we once again have a real-deal leader?

Tonight at 7:00pm EST join father/son investigative team, Doug and Joe Hagmann for news, commentary and analysis.  Fortunately Joe returned last Thursday; the news cycles are essentially bonkers.

At 8:00pm EST, Team Hagmann are excited to welcome back to the Hagmann Studio, in Northwest Pennsylvania, live via Skype video, prophecy go-to and no nonsense YouTuber, Trey Smith.

Trey intends to cover the following:

  1. How does the current timeline of years ending in 7 relate to where Israel is today?
  2. What’s up with Revelation 12 and does it encapsulate the entire Book of Revelation ina single chapter?
  3. How seriously should the Remnant Church consider the Book of Enoch?  What is the vision in Chapter 90 all about?
  4. Why are so many Christians claiming to have a prophetic word regarding September 23, 2017?
  5. Who was the Rabbi who prophesied over Israel the exact things we have seen since 1917, over 800 years ago?
  6. What exactly is the “time chart” of Israel and does it have a definitive beginning and end?

Join us this evening at 7:00pm EST for an out-of-the-gate instant Hagmann and Hagmann classic.  Our program is available live on three platforms and this evenings broadcast will be available in full video for our YouTube Live viewers.

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