Good Monday Morning!

I want to introduce you to a writer that I read and admire. His name is John Little and he runs a few websites, one called OmegaShock and the other, Ezekiel’s Fire.

They both contain tremendously important information that will help you to prepare for the events that are unfolding before our very eyes.

Here is John’s latest post:

As we move further and further into the Last Days, we need to be looking for signs that prophecy is being fulfilled. Last week, I talked about The Murder of Syria. This week, I want to point to the collapse of Egypt and The GERDstraight out of Isaiah 19.

It has been more than a year since I talked about the Grand Renaissance Ethiopian Dam, and I am amazed that the project still continues. And, Egypt is more and more worried about it.

Then, there’s gold. While the thundering herd has been chasing illusions, gold has been driven down by the banksters. This may be your last chance to get something real, before the herd comes thundering back.

Last week, I talked about the Murder of Syria. The Bible prophesied Syria’s fall in Isaiah 17, so it should not surprise us that it is happening. Furthermore, the father of the current dictatoraka, president – of Syria was a murderous, repressive piece of scum. So, it shouldn’t surprise us that there is a revolt against the government of Syria.

I just hate the thought that so many civilians will suffer and die.

So, there is an element of logic to the fulfillment of Isaiah 17. In fact, for more than 2500 years, everyone who readIsaiah 17, nodded and thought that this was a perfectly understandable prophesy.

However, when reader get to Isaiah 18, they will frown a bit.

Who are these people who are scattered and peeled/pulled/polished/plucked?

But, this probably means that nations in sub-Saharan Africa will come and help Israel. So, the reader of Isaiah will sigh and move on to chapter 19.

Apocalypse Egypt

As they move down the chapter, they’ll see fear… civil war… more fear… tyrannical government… All of it awful, but understandable.

And then, the reader comes to verse five. The frown is back. Then verse six. The frown deepens. By verse seven, the eyebrows are raised, and the rest of the chapter goes by in a blur.

The Nile dries up?


Yes. Really.

Here are the verses:

And the waters shall fail from the sea, and the river shall be wasted and dried up. And they shall turn the rivers far away; and the brooks of defence shall be emptied and dried up: the reeds and flags shall wither.

The paper reeds by the brooks, by the mouth of the brooks, and every thing sown by the brooks, shall wither, be driven away, and be no more.

Isaiah 19:5-7

For twenty five hundred years, readers have puzzled over those verses.

How is it possible that the Nile would dry up?

For a very long time, people would have needed to take all that on faith. Now, they don’t – because we see the process for the fulfillment of Isaiah 19, having already started.

Notice the first part of verse six, that I highlighted, above:

And they shall turn the rivers far away

That’s talking about dams – the damming of the rivers that come together to form the Nile. And, it was only in the last couple hundred years – or so – that this was even remotely possible.

However, Egypt was always quick to threaten anyone who tried to do anything to the water feeding the Nile. No irrigation. No ‘stealing’ drinking water. No hydroelectric dams. Nothing.

If you took any water from the Nile, Egypt would attack you. And, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda believed that threat. Now that Egypt has been weakened, they don’t feel threatened, anymore.

And now, they are building dams. Lots of dams.

Last year, I talked about the GERDthe Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. That dam is being built on the Blue Nile, which accounts for 59% of the water of The Nile. Sometime between now and 2017, that dam will begin filling up. And, if they fill it up too fast, the Blue Nile will run dry for more than a year.

But, what about the other 41%?

Well, I’ve recently discovered that a bunch of dams have been built on the White Nile. In fact, a bunch of dams are going up on all the tributaries of the Nile River. Some began filling up this year, and aren’t that big.

And yes, it is true that when all these dams have been filled up, the flow of the Nile will go back to normal.


…MOSTLY normal.

You see, Africans want to use this water for drinking and farming – not just electricity. So, Egypt is going to see a permanent reduction of flow. But, the biggest problem will arise when the GERD begins to fill. And, that should begin sometime during the next two years.



As heard on The Hagmann Report