Two right-leaning rallies in the Bay Area were cancelled last weekend by organizers over fears of violence, but that didn’t stop leftist radicals from creating chaos.

Berkeley police reportedly made 14 arrests Sunday as thousands of counter-protesters flooded Civic Center Park in Berkeley, even though the previously scheduled No to Marxism in America rally had been cancelled the day before.

Hundreds of black-clad antifa activists jumped police barricades and tracked down the small number of Trumpsupporters who showed up anyway, beating up at least one man and hitting another with sticks, as shown on video from KCRA-TV in Sacramento.

One of those targeted was Joey Gibson, founder of Patriot Prayer, who was chased and pepper-sprayed by a mob of leftist protesters before being rescued by police, according to SFGate.

Mr. Gibson cancelled his group’s Freedom Rally before it was scheduled to begin Saturday at Crissy Field in San Francisco, saying he feared it would erupt into a “huge riot” fueled by activists from the antifa and By Any Means Necessary.

The rally had met with resistance from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other San Francisco Democrats, who characterized the event as a white nationalist gathering despite Mr. Gibson’s insistence that the event was aimed at promoting freedom and unity.

“It was the best thing to do for the city because the way it was set up is that a lot of innocent people were going to get hurt,” said Mr. Gibson at a press confab on Facebook Live. “That’s a fact. A bunch of supporters, a bunch of antifa communists, normal liberals would have all been mixed together. It would have been a huge riot and it would have been a disaster.”

As heard on The Hagmann Report