As I’m currently recuperating at an undisclosed location due to a very mysterious illness with absolutely no viable explanation available from numerous medical professionals, I’m deep in the thoughtful analysis of where our country sits right now a national security perspective. After weighing the available information gathered from multiple OSINT and HUMINT sources, we are in a very precarious place as a nation right now. This is a severe matter of vulnerability to our known enemies, both state actors and terrorist groups. If I can see it, our enemies can too.

Our current [p]Resident is inept. He is without the cognitive ability to function correctly. I’m not speaking of his inability to walk 100 feet unassisted as FDR was wheelchair-bound, and Gerald Ford, although athletic, was certainly not exactly a twinkle toes kind of a guy. I’m talking about the obvious lack of the mental capacity to reason, evaluate and execute a decision based on logic. His Communist Chinese handlers know this, and now we have blaring proof that President Vladimir Putin is very aware of the fact that Biden isn’t firing on all cylinders.

Stop and think about this. President Putin is publicly challenging Biden in a manner that has never been put to previous occupants of the White House. I don’t see Putin as the adversary to the degree that our intelligence agencies and our legislators claim. However, Russia remains an adversarial superpower. Russia is a very convenient boogie man whenever needed. China is far more of a threat to the United States; however that fox is already in the hen house, invited by the hens themselves. That all started with former president Bill Clinton and has flourished behind the scenes at an accelerated rate within the Democrat Party over the last three decades, at both state and federal levels. China is taking over the US Government without a single shot being fired. As all our enemies have, China recognizes that invading a well-armed US mainland would be a disaster for the invading force. So, they came in through our ‘easy to buy’ politicians at every level, primarily using trade, commerce, and finances to get what they want. The Communist Chinese government is a driving force behind much of the topics about which many Americans disagree.

Does anyone really think that attacks on our Second Amendment rights are solely the desire of the Communist-Socialist Left? They aren’t looking to make the streets safer. They aren’t trying to save lives. Much of the fuel behind the fire on the Second Amendment is because China wants the citizens of the United States disarmed! If the American citizenry were to be disarmed, China could put troops on our shores and simply occupy an unarmed America. Look at Canada to our north. They are sitting ducks. Unarmed sitting ducks. By design. The primary reason Canada has been safe from an invasion on their soil is that it is in the United States’ best interest to defend Canada. Canada has no military to speak of and relies heavily on the US to ward off any enemies. As well, over the years, China has had Chinese troops training in Canada.[1] This isn’t theory or conjecture. This is a fact and has occurred as recently as last year. Think about that for a few moments. The excuse given by PM Justin Trudeau through military spokesman is that it was “Cold Weather Training For the Chinese Military.” However, China [2] borders Russia, and in that particular area of northeast China, the temperature is every bit as cold as the areas in Canada where these CCP troops have been training. So, in essence, the real reason Chinese troops are in Canada is unknown. As the Canadian government’s lies pour forth to explain their presence, the reasons are obviously nefarious.

One of the reasons President Trump didn’t pursue relations with Trudeau was over President Trump’s concerns that Canada was not operating in the best interest of North America as a whole. President Trump was very open about his concerns with “Jihadi” Justin Trudeau. This concern was based on many factors. The fact that Trudeau quietly released between 60 -100 ISIS fighters back into the Canadian population was one reason. Another was this unnatural coziness between Ottawa and Beijing regarding Chinese troops in Canada, for whatever reason.

However, I’m off-topic here, so I’ll move back over the target.

As it stands right now, on March 22, 2021, the United States is in a dangerous position on the international stage. Our “[p]Rresident’ is in line for a season pass to La-La Land. Our second in command, Kamala Harris, has ZERO experience in the big wide world of countries, groups and individuals who want to bring the US to its knees, not to pray, but to decapitate the United States as the most powerful country in the world.

We went right back into Syria as soon as Spineless Joe was placed into office, which stirs up what was a dying hornets’ nest of various political and terrorist groups that hate the very presence of the US in the Syrian conflict. ISIS is now revitalizing as I type this by breaking fighters out of the Kurdish run detainment camps where they are being held in in that region. Once, under President Trump’s administration, the concern was that the Kurds couldn’t detain the 12,000 captured and detained ISIS fighters and their escapes would result in the fighters returning to their own countries. Today, the very real concern is that they will escape and return to the fighting in a Syria, particularly against the US troops there.

We all know and remember the role of the Democrats and Neocons, using “freedom” as their cover, arming ISIS and numerous other groups to supposedly fight a falsely claimed oppressive government in Syria led by Assad, a former US ally. These ISIS troops killed tens of thousands in Syria, including unarmed civilians, opposition groups, Syrian military, and the US military. Their offshoot group of ISIL attacked a designated US Diplomatic compound and murdered one of our ambassadors and several of our brave personnel trying to ward them off. I firmly believe that Ambassador Stevens was assassinated that night by direct order of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama as he was about to expose the secret financing and arming of ISIS and al Qaeda by the US STATE DEPARTMENT and the CIA under Obama.

In every aspect, Joe Biden and Democrat dominated legislative house have hit a time machine reset button, placing the United States back to January 1, 2017.

We are in serious danger. Right now.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.




As heard on The Hagmann Report